Is Jullian Assange a Hacker?

Cathy Vogan on the expert testimony presented to the British court by forensic examiner Patrick Eller, in relation to the Conspiracy to Commit Commit Computer Intrusion charge, and the US’s attempt to introduce a new witness.

Written by Consortium News


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  1. Fair point but playing devil's advocate here BTW I'm on julians side but receiving classified documents despite of not hacking still in the USA eyes is against there laws? Would like some clarity please

  2. Espionage means spying. If someone gives you files that are top secret for the governments eyes only and Chelsea manning working for said government signed a contract when taking up employment and agreed she would keep said documents private did she not brake the law by giving these files to a member of the public? If said files were secret and someone released them onto the Internet the government could deem this to be spying on files. If they were used for journalism then no how ever you look at it taking on the CIA and USA government is playing with fire and risky brave yes very brave the only reason this becomes criminal act is because they were stolen from the government by Chelsea

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