Is Media Lying About China COVID Protests?

In a previous video, we inaccurately reported that COVID lockdown measures in China prevented a team of firefighters from reaching residents of a high-rise that had caught fire. Later reports revealed that parked cars had been responsible for blocking the firefighters’ way.

Jimmy and The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle discuss the misreporting and other inaccuracies coming from western media about China and lockdowns.

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  1. It was my understanding that regardless of whether the cars were blocking the fire trucks access or not, the residents of the burning building could not flee the fire because they were locked inside their units from the outside by the Chinese government due to the zero COVID policy.

  2. So, it sounds like the problem, according to this guy, is that China has too much freedom? This sounds pretty suspicious. And the protesters are just a small fringe minority, influenced by foreign powers? Like the Canadian truckers? This all sounds very familiar.

  3. No wonder Trudeau admires China. Now, based on this so-called journalist who also operates on hearsay and has not provided his own video, pics or sources, zero covid policy is so acceptable to the Chinese citizens. Trudeau and the other Western tyrants who loved locking down and forced jabbing their citizens will welcome this propaganda. So zero covid policy can actually be embraced by the people if the government knows how to do it like what is happening in China LOL. How sure am I that this guy, who obviously is Marxist, is not spewing the counter propaganda of the CCP he prefers calling as CPC LOL? We don't know what is truly happening in China because of censorship. So unless this guy actually goes there, he is just as guilty of spewing propaganda like the MSM. I don't know what to believe now because everything is based on videos, pictures, hearsays on the net and no reporter actually reporting from the ground and interviewing the locals to get all points of view.

  4. So the "cpp" has no interest in covering it up? Call them what you want they're a tyrannical regime that is certainly not 'working for the people' unless you are talking about the people in the party.

  5. The CCP has referred to itself for ages as the CCP in it's own internal and international legal documents, since it's founding. I've been china watching for a decade+ about now and "You must call us the CPC" is a recent newspeak push that the CCP has been trying to discredit distractors with.

    It retroactively invalidates all coverage thats ever used the /absolutely correct/ term "CCP" and attempts to force the distractors to make language concessions and bend reality before even engaging on the topic.

    Like, i could pause every other word and be here all damn day (Instead i recommend spending a week watching watching "the china-show" "serpentza" "laowhy86" or "China uncensored"'s back log of videos. It's a big topic, worth researching a bit.)

    Hinkle has a long history of calling things wrong at this point, every video i see him in. "Idiot child" or "contrarian mental block" would be a charitable opinion of this guy, but knowingly pushing evil shit for the sake of t-shirt sales and paying rent is what i lean towards.

  6. Thanks for sharing the truth, Jackson Hinkle! China's policy is to keep as many people alive as possible, hence the strict lock downs. Considering 1.4 Billion people, not a large percentage died from C, unlike quite a few other big countries. Peace everyone! All we want is Peace.

  7. Jackson kept saying that the protests weren't about the covid policy, but they were sparked by covid issues?.. I mean think about it okay so it was cars that were blocking the fire trucks from being able to get close enough, why were the callers not able to be moved? Because everyone is locked in their house and no one is in their cars or around them because of the covid policy, also the people that died in the fire could not get out of the apartments because they were locked in there because of the zero covid policy, also the workers at the foxconn factory were protesting the fact that they were not allowed to leave foxconn because of covid policy and they said that one person had covered in there so everyone has been locked in there for quite some time, so again I don't understand how Jackson can say that none of these protests were about the covid policy when they were all directly the cause of people being upset because of the covid policy..🤔

  8. Interesting. Sounds like propaganda on both sides and a little more complicated than what we are being told, as usual. My friend, who was a student protestor at the time of Tianamen Square and frequently visits China for business deals tells me that China is less communist and more like a fascist regime after TS and what they call Chinese Style Democracy. Capitalism is encouraged and as long as you don’t criticize the government, you can pretty much get away with murder and exploit the people at will. The US is beginning to emulate Chinese “Democracy”.

  9. Wow so now I'm listening to Jackson say that the Chinese people actually want a stricter zero covid lockdown policy, so people enjoy being locked in their apartments and locked it inside of job facilities? Jimmy and Jackson please don't tell me that you guys have sold out to the Chinese.. if you think it's going to gain you some sort of favor if they potentially take over as the world's super power, read up on the goals of the Chinese Communist party for the future they want a world that is all ethnically Han Chinese

  10. The original name of the party was CCP eventually it was changed to CPC. CCP indicates communism comes before the people of China so they changed it to CPC to sound like they are putting China over the ruling government of communism. That’s just a semantic game the bottom line is they are dictators they put their government over the people which is why they’re locking them in their houses and that’s a fact and I feel like you’re misrepresenting the seriousness of this. Again They originally called their party CCP
    You are playing silly semantic games when you start talking about this CCP versus CPC topic

  11. 1:41 Jimmy, you asked the wrong person. Jackson's "No" answer shows he is either controlled by his bias or worse… You need to find someone who really know what is going on in China. The correct answer is "Yes". The fire in Ürümqi City (乌鲁木齐市) sparked the protests. If you read or listen to what the protesters are saying, you can easily find tones of examples. I'll give you one example: A few protest videos show people gathered on Ürümqi Street (乌鲁木齐路) in Shanghai to mourn the fire victims.

  12. And the analogy about trying to being upset by us biolabs? So you're trying to say that the Chinese Communist party had nothing to do with the Wuhan institute of virology?.. that the Communist dictatorship in China would have no knowledge or power over a biolab in their own country? The story is not adding up Jackson.. yes the US deep State like Anthony fauci were involved at wuan but so were the Chinese Communist party… The virus came out of China so why would the Chinese Communist party who helped to release the virus then take it as an American threat towards them?.. some simple internet sleuthing for only a mere couple of minutes pokes all sorts of holes in the reporting that Jackson is doing..

  13. In terms of the World Cup broadcast, no they didn’t censor the crowds not wearing masks. All my friends in China stayed up to watch the broadcast and was posting screenshots on WeChat and there were plenty of footage of the audience. The only difference this year was the media was less hyping it up on the marketing, but honestly all the people who were going to watch it, watched it.

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