Is Obama Spreading Putin Talking Points?

Before the 30 members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus revoked their letter calling on President Joe Biden to pursue diplomacy with Russia (admittedly, while continuing to ship weapons to Ukraine), another prominent Democrat announced his support for open communication between the White House and the Kremlin. That Democrat? Barack Obama, who lamented that contact between Washington and Moscow is at an even lower level than during the depths of the Cold War.

Guest host Aaron Maté ( and his panel of former Marine intelligence officer and arms inspector Scott Ritter and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger discuss why Obama would be suggesting diplomacy with Russia, which is now considered nothing short of appeasement on a scale not seen since Munich in 1938.

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  1. Obama is the biggest flop-preisdent ever…he came is with to much promise and expectations, but ended up being the biggest warmonger and war ciminal……he bragged about killing people at a wedding by drones………..

  2. Why would Putin nuke us? It would be more painful and less harmful to just blow our satellites out of the heavens. Shut down all communication and especially all banking that makes us the terrorist regime that we are

  3. What Obama seemed to be struggling too say , was " we can't find a way to do a shady deal with Mr Putin " Putin has more integrity in his pinky than any of these would be American World leaders.

  4. Funny how I’ve never heard about these treaties being torn up by the US on CNN. Interesting how the “progressive liberals” are the biggest warmongers right now. The world beyond America is laughing at you. You lot are not “progressives” you’re frauds.

  5. Billions of dollars of weapons to Ukraine, that are then sold for millions on the Dark web , everybody`s happy aint they ! well at least the Jewish puppet is happy, then again one point three BILLION dollars , would make most people happy especially when you don`t give a shit about " People "

  6. The US knows all of this. The only thing that seems to make any sense is that US believes that if it exerts enough pressure on Russia, that Russia will back down. The US will then claim its authority over the entire region. Of course, Putin understands this 'We [ Russia ] will defend our sovereignty no matter the cost'.
    It's huge shame of history that the US ever came into existence.

  7. Ritter is a strong voice of reason. Most Americans seem to be too ignorant to listen to any ‘reason’. They apparently like the smell of the ‘stink bait’ propaganda they’re being fed, by whichever ‘party’ they affiliate with. Bottom feeding catfish, being hooked by the score.😔

  8. We see a lot of this Putin smearing. But if you look at the video of Putin and read his speeches he makes far more sense and shows insight that we in the West can only envy with our corrupt, incompetent leadership.

  9. Yeah, Obama, we aren’t centralized here? Our administration is it centralized? Really? Why do we ban half of the voices in America? Not centralize please one thing one entity runs America the deep state and you’re a part of it you son of a bitc&

  10. Oh my God, I see it now. Wow. So we have the capability to strike without warning a nuclear missile in the Russian territory? Yeah if I was Russian I wouldn’t allow that either.

  11. USA is playing a dangerous game. If one European country like Germany says eff it and sides with Russia it can start a domino affect against USA. Doesn’t matter if you are a dictator or a president…. Right is right and wrong is wrong.

  12. According to American national security strategy USA shoud be capable and ready to use nuclear weapons in any circumstances. Just read it there. Signed by Joseph Biden.

  13. Do you really think that these Congress people who are completely under the control of elites do not understand that "the other party" is under the same control? I think that is being naive.

  14. Obama should know about talking to the Russians , remember when he was caught on the hot mic sending a message to Putin saying to wait until he win the election cause he would have more power. Wasn’t he and Clinton who sold uranium 1 to Russia ? 😂

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