Is Omicron the End of the Pandemic?

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  1. There’s no end to it until the constitution is gone.

    I was actually against assault weapon ownership until now. I believe everyone should own them so that we don’t become Australia.

  2. Gain of profit research will continue, the show must go on. They try to keep this position of power idefinitively, spreading lies through big media, cudgeling free speech with censorship, smearing and dehumanizing. In the end this modern version of oligarchic fascism will be defeated by the brave ones like it has been done in the past.

  3. I have a feeling that south Africa not buying enough Pfizer vaccines coincidentally discovered a new strain of the virus which sadly is not deadly enough and might save us from this shit….yet I am sure a new variant will be discovered soon where at least 4 boosters ought to be required

  4. Jimmy, Fauci says you need to shut up, bend the knee and get two more shots, get with the program. Now me, I am not going to get the jab and if I get it bad, I will follow the Rogan protocol.

  5. This would be like law enforcement telling their citizens that now that criminals switched from real guns to Nerf guns, and since Nerf guns are more numerous, that everyone is now mandated to wear bullet proof vests.

  6. Trump was saying the cure cant be worse than the disease since around April or may 2020. The media were having a fit over that statement. Criticize trump when needed but I'm sick of hearing the lies. We all know it wouldn't matter what trump did the left called ot wrong. Just like his travel bans last year being xenophobic when we knew nothing about covid but Bidens travel ban just recently almost 2 years into this when we have treatments that work wasn't treated the same.

  7. Hey, Max.
    Trump never called for lockdowns.
    You know this, yet you are still virtue signaling to your faux lefty, “friends”.
    This tactic of demonizing Trump won’t get you back in the club, as you have already “crossed the Rubicon”.

  8. No they will say you need three more boosters and two pills a day for the rest of your life. There's already commercials for companies to track employees health records to make compliance easier

  9. Trump said we shouldn't lock down for a single day. And everyone in America screamed he was killing their grandma.
    Don't dare place Trump with these lockdown people. He was judged by Jimmy himself for not wanting any lockdown. Go back and watch that.
    Everyone needs to push Trump as the same as the others. Misinfo. Liar. Max is proven false and fake. Zero question.

  10. If viruses naturally evolve to survive, meaning they become more transmittable and less deadly what if we used gain of function research to make viruses that don’t affect humans yet affect us, what if we learn how this one evolved in order to evolve the next novel virus to do the same exact thing sooner instead of trying to profit off of the sick and the fearful.

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