Is Plan B To Swap Biden With Hillary?

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  1. Hilary Clinton again??? Nah gimme Bernie. If you're gonna replace Biden, it should be his opponet. And if a woman president is what you want, I give you Nina Turner! Followed by Pramila Jayapal, any member of the Squad, Briahanna Joy Gray, or Jessica Cisneros.

  2. Ok question? How can the DNC just swap out Biden. That would make a primary election completely useless. Right? Wouldn’t Bernie be next in line?

  3. Biden, HRC millons of Democrats out there and this is the best we can do? I think we should draft Jimmy Carter. At least he's a Democrat. The rest are corporate criminals. If not for bad luck Carter would have been a two term pres..and he's honest, look what he's doing now. He never made 400,000$ wall street payoff speeches ala obama…

  4. Yet more proof that American elites – Left or Right – fancy themselves a new Aristocracy, complete with an obsessive disregard for any amount of voting that doesn't coincide with what they want.