Is Politics Downstream From Culture?

Are We a Civilisation of Drug Addicts?

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  1. In rural China, if u get run over by a truck driver and u r not quite dead, they will more than likely reverse over u to finish u off so as not to leave a witness, and they lose their job, license and income!

  2. Don't you think the new fifteen minute cities will help protect the kids from immigrants? Don't you think that it's okay to use laws to restrict freedom to protect the kids even when people vehemently oppose it, if you really really believe that you are right and that they are evil?

  3. The force used to push beyond equal rights has undermined the foundations they used to get to that point. The socialist mindset has perverted the classical liberal experiment. The reactionaries arguing that liberalism has failed are doing the same thing as the socialists who perverted it. Many great critiques, clouded by an already obscured narrative of what the causes of "current thing" society are. I don't see it being any different, in their approach, than the jacobin's and fascists and nazi's and so on. Their great at criticism, but their solutions wind up looking just like the mistakes of the past attempts to abandon liberalism. Liberalism is empty without a strong moral culture. Centralizing power in our favor won't fix the problems of centralization in their favor. Decentralization is the solution. Not anarchy. Not theocracy. Not monarchy. Not more authoritarianism, with a traditionalist paint job. It's the harder route for a reason.

  4. If a new political system got introduced people would have to adapt, the kids of the adults living in the system would learn from there parents how to best live in this new political system and with enough time it becomes part of the culture.

  5. No, Politics can dictate culture with punishment both by way of threat of fine or imprisonment.

    Every western country with Anti-semitism laws for instance has enforced silence on jewish issues.

  6. if you change what they are allowed to do, you change what they do.
    if you change what they do, you change how they live their lives.
    if you change how they live their lives, you change their interactions with culture.
    if you change their interactions with culture, you change the "culture" of that specific person.

    effect enough people, and you can change an entire culture

  7. I once saw a film, where a British Officer went to Hong Kong in the 1930's. He witnessed a car accident where someone was run over, he told his driver who was also British to stop and bring the injured person to a hospital. The driver refused, because he didn't want to be responsible for the resulting bills. The film tried to make it look like arrogant British people who had no respect for the locals. This Video puts the scene into context, and made me rethink my distain for the British driver.

  8. I'm just really excited and extremely happy that the United States is going to legalize having sex between adults and children that will be the greatest landmark civil rights case in the history of our nation and finally minor attracted people will be a protected class that is actually higher in society than anyone else and just looking at them in the wrong way will be considered a hate crime and you will be fined into poverty and then locked into prison for life. I believe Joe Biden is planning on April or May to legalize that and I can't wait cuz it's going to be a ton of fun

  9. If the politics of your nation don't feel downstream of your culture, you are not represented by your government and by definition are the victims of foreign invasion.
    You respond to this feeling with armed combat and literally zero else.

  10. Culture are pretty stable and really takes time to modify as a whole (used to), while politic are dynamics and change in a heart beat.
    Which is the bases for me to have some agreement with the phrase.

    but ofc, culture are also a summation of every thinking, habit and activity by the humans. hence, culture can also be downstreamed from politic or law, or any kind of rules that agreed or enforced

  11. Culture and Politics are downstream from each other in a feedback loop. Politicians make laws mandating certain things on the assumption that society becomes cold and apathetic, and society becomes cold and apathetic because people don't want to run afoul of the new laws.

  12. Reading how the biological determinists justify their position and how stupid it ultimately is such a fun to watch. Is that your new modus operandi to justify racism?

    Culture funnily enough is derived more on a worldview (Philosophy) that is held by the ruling class of that society. It is reinforced through informal means like social conventions and mores and formally through law and in a lesser extent, education.

    It is true that people of another race that has developed a culture deviant on the host nation can cause tensions BUT TO BASE IT HEAVILY IF NOT ULTIMATELY ON "GENETICS" IS ASININE.

    Best example? Look at North and South Korea, Both of the same racial stock but are polar opposites on the culture and the worldview of their ruling classes are on opposite extremes as well. So for you race supremacists or racial nationalists of any colour out there, are you really that stupid?

  13. Ofcourse this true. There is a natural feedback mechanism between culture and the excersice of political power, especially ideologically driven political power.

  14. Woke ideology is nothing new. It started to brew at the end of the civil war.
    Let's look at the black community for example.
    When African Americans were freed and given voting rights, the KKK were used as a tool of fear to keep blacks from voting even though they were far and few.
    When they were given GI funds, the south was used as an example of blacks being denied such reimbursements even though this was not allowed in the northern states.
    When both Civil Rights acts were passed, the idea of white bias or an insidious entity keeping whites racist was used to explain the separations between races by showing fringe racist politicians.
    When the 70s and 80s hit, the blacks justified their contempt to the whites through this history and kept the tensions high. Same vice versa.
    When rap music took off and sparked degenerate behavior disguised as culture, this was the result of all of these changes and moods.
    They tried to portray everyone as a racist by treating nonwhites as a special class of people instead of teaching them to succeed in life by being doctors, lawyers, and engineers.
    Nobody questioned the ulterior motives of politicians when they signed these bills into law, and showed such people as the fringe politician giving racist remarks.
    This has not been about equal rights or freedom. This was about control from the start. Both sides are to blame for this circus.
    They have done nothing except destroy the country from the inside, trying to reduce us to a lord and vassal state that we fought hard against, all under the pretense of race.
    For years, the civil rights leaders made claims about de-facto racism still present in America, even though every news station and broadcast company cheers on their efforts.
    For years, conservatives who are mostly shown as republican were painted as racist because the past had many racist aspects about it, even though republicans pushed civil rights into law.
    For years, Hollywood has told us these amazing lies about history and put it into our heads.
    But now, it has reached its breaking point. People have begun to be fed up with these ideologies and see them for what they truly are, a mockery to the American people.
    We need to go back to what made us special, to relight the Torch of Liberty and light the way for all.

  15. The phrase itself, "Politics is downstream from culture," may have been coined by Andrew Breitbart, but the concept it refers to is decades old. Francis Schaeffer explored the concept in many of his books, which were originally published throughout the 1960s and 1970s. That said, although the statement might originally have been true, I don't think it's true any longer—at least by itself. Politics is downstream from culture, and culture is downstream from politics. That's why left-wing politics is constantly injected into things where it doesn't belong.

  16. Sometimes, it is. Other times, culture is downstream from politics. In fact, policy tends to shape the culture. For a few examples, when you think of Texas, is it any wonder that you picture a gun-toting trucker, possibly with a beer gut? When you think of California, is it any wonder that you think of a millennial/zoomer reprobate who prioritizes feelings and pleasure over all else? When you think of Montana, is it any wonder you think of someone who just wants to crack open a can of booze and chill?

  17. speaking to the last part of this segment, most of the world is obsessed with drugs now… coffee, cigarettes, alcohol… it's disgusting how everyone treats it like it's natural.

  18. Culture is a set of rules, practices or procedures for how we behave and interact with others, within and between families and within society more generally. Politics and religion are both features of a culture: they are both within our culture, not outside, not downstream, not upstream. Culture is a biological/evolutionary adaptation, much like wings on a bird, or a giraffe's neck, or fish swimming in shoals, and without it society could not function and so could not have evolved. A key of feature of human culture is ideology – a set of beliefs held by an entire group within society. Ideology is not about believing in the truth, it is about everyone believing the same thing, which gives an evolutionary advantage. Without ideology nether religion nor politics could function.

  19. I was 8 years old when the 90s ended. I was able to visit Britain at least three times in '94, '96, and '98. And there was that time I lived in Scotland, in '92 when I was just 1 years old. Best moments of my early life.

  20. The thing is Chinese paying money after they killed someone in an accident is because of law its not a bribe. They caused an “accidental” death so they have to pay for the funeral and fines etc. said penalties are cheaper than having to pay for medical expenses of a survivor. The culture is messed up because the law is messed up. In most countries such an act would be considered. Murder, vehicular homicide or something like that Not in China or course if a foreigner were to be in the same situation the victims families and government would not be so lenient.

  21. Just off the title i would like to provide a quote i quite like
    “You can fool all of the people some of time,
    you can fool some of the people all of the time,
    but you can't fool all the people all the time.”

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