Is SCOTUS Set To OVERTURN Roe Vs Wade And Will It Give Dems A Shot In 2022?

Krystal and Saagar look at the latest legal battles surrounding abortion and the political consequences of Roe vs Wade potentially being overturned in the near future

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  1. Anti Abortion laws became crazy in the wake of places New York legalizing abortion until 39 weeks. But that is never talked about.
    I also think it's insane that if a baby survives an abortion there is talk on what to do.

    I personally find the pro abortion movement sickening. I think many other left leaning people are put off by it as well. We have seen people use hashtag shout your abortion, and it's ruined their cause because it's so disturbing.

  2. The amount of friends who have said to me "If I would have had any clue what Biden would do I would have held my nose and voted for Trump and I'm kinda embarrassed I didn't see it until now"

    I'm approaching nearly a dozen, and I wouldn't label any of these people "conservative"

  3. Overturning roe v wade would only send the issue back to the states. Which is what it was before the roe ruling. Many states have already password laws allowing abortion or not if roe is ever overturned.

  4. Saagar is so, so dumb. Abortion won't galvanize anyone, and even if it does it's still the right thing to do. Abortion is murder. Period, end of story.

    That said, overturning Roe v Wade WON'T END ABORTION!!!! It will just end federal control over the "right" to kill innocent babies safe in their mother's womb.

  5. Finally decide R vs W. Finally? You mean like before they passed it, finally? Freudian slip … final? Word choices matter,
    Sometimes I wonder about you Saagar. You let some revealing things through in these segments.

  6. I think abortion should be legal and rare, but the Constitution doesn't say anything about abortion! And the supreme court shouldn't make these decisions, laws are made in congress by people we elect not in the courts by unelected bureaucrats like in dark dictatorships

  7. If you do even an elementary dive into what roe v wade actually sets as a precedent, you dont want it overturned. Regardless of your feelings on abortion.

    These 2 bobble heads are easily as bad as the m5m

  8. If they get what they want, they will die on the hill to defend it. Far from dissipating the enthusiasm, or empty the GOP electoral-bait, that victory would incentivize them: we promised it, we delivered. We have to keep up fighting, and defend our country against communism, against the shariah, against CRT, against gender witches and unicorns. Vote for us.

    Krystal, wake up.

  9. How you going to be pro life but vote down every single bill that benefits women n social benefits?? That baby is the woman’s financial responsibility. So if you not goin to provide care, or leave, or social safety nets for single mothers and poor mothers than you cant force them to carry a pregnancy to birth

  10. I'm not so sure they will overturn it. ACB is mostly opposed to federally funded abortions.

    Plus there is her decision in Price v Chicago to consider, she's not the irrational crazy pro lifer the media tried to claim

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