Is Social Justice A Religion? – Andrew Doyle | Modern Wisdom Podcast 522

Andrew Doyle is Titania McGrath, host of GB News, a comedian and a writer.

There are some new puritans in town. They have their own sacred texts, their own high priests, blasphemy, unspeakable words, rites of passage, heathens and practises of sacrilege. So much so that the behaviour of many social justice activists in 2022 seems to echo very closely the behaviour of the Salem Witch Trials in 1692.

Expect to learn why Ben Shapiros is a terrifying man, whether not calling me hot makes you a bigot, why social justice captures smart people just as much as stupid people, why tyrannies are particularly dangerous when they claim to help the oppressed, whether it’s accurate to characterise the culture war as left vs right and much more…

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00:00 Intro
00:27 Redefining Hotness
08:45 Ben Shapiro’s Presence is a Terror
19:47 The Salem Witch Trials
33:14 Promoting Victimhood
41:10 Are We Past Peak Woke?
50:02 Social Justice as a Religion
59:12 Trans People in Female Prisons
1:04:48 Where are the Intelligent People?
1:13:58 How Andrew Stays Positive
1:17:08 Where to Find Andrew

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Written by Chris Williamson


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  1. The loss of religion is, imo, one of the reasons this new secular religion arose. Humans are by nature transcendent-seeking creatures. Social justice provides a kind of meta-narrative in place of a religious worldview.

  2. Imagine someone (Ben Shapiro) who does not subscribe to "person with a uterus's" gender ideology actually dared to come within fifty feet of her, at a podcasting convention which caused her "harm" and made her feel "unsafe.". I can see this person on the floor in the fetal position crying for her mommy while she was tweeting, this was so traumatic! Then there's the apology. Are they serious?

  3. Is anti-wokeism a religion? There are some new puritans in town. They have their own sacred texts (written by John McWhorter and Jordan Peterson), their own high priests (in addition to those two authors we can add Candace Owens, Andrew Doyle, and others), blasphemy (such as believing that sexuality and gender do not exist on binaries), unspeakable words (like "I apologize" or "Believe women"), rites of passage (pilgrimage to CPAC), heathens and practises of sacrilege (those who claim that the 2020 election wasn't stolen shall be banished). So much so that the behaviour of many anti-social justice activists in 2022 seems to echo very closely the behaviour of the Salem Witch Trials in 1692!

    Expect to learn why Ibram X. Kendi is a terrifying man, whether not calling me a bigot makes you right, why anti-SJ ideology captures people who think they are smart people just as much as stupid people, why right-wing tyrannies are particularly dangerous when they oppose those who are trying to help the oppressed, whether it's accurate to characterise the culture war as left vs right and much more…

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  4. 53:45
    I couldn't disagree with you more
    This whole social justice hell has proven to me that a majority of humanity is wicked, short sited and cruel when given the opportunity. That's why religions were developed to tame humanity from destroying itself as it is today.

  5. Let's call Social Justice /the Woke what it is, an ideology, not a religion. The instinct to "save the world" may be a religious instinct but there is more to religion than that. For all of Christ's sermonizing about class and social issues, he ultimately wanted to transcend the human experience – which is a necessary component to being a religion – and the woke do not. They are utopians, not a religion. A utopian cares about perfecting this world, the religious understand that this world and our experience here is something to be transcended.

  6. It is now well-known that the Salem witch trials appeared due to a hallucinogene fungus in the wheat and the hysteria stopped, once there were no more fungus in the wheat!! A collective trip that engulfed the town with paranoia!!

  7. It sounds like his book is basically Woke Racism by John McWhorter, which was published last year. I'm sure Andrew Doyle adds to the theory that this is a new religion of sorts, but so far as I know, John McWhorter said it first.

  8. Oof this was a rough one:
    * right out of the gates, religion means belief/worship of a god, and clearly there's no gods involved in social justice. It's just humans on Earth, and some of what they want is rational and some irrational. We don't have evidence of any gods, so nobody should ever be part of any religions
    * then the weird reading of an article about "hotness" as though dumb people haven't written articles like that for 40+ years (when I was a kid at the grocery store all those fashion magazines threw around trash opinions that were just as bad).
    * unlike that, people freaking out about the existence of other humans (Shapiro) is more of a newer thing, but should be dismissed as nonsense (at least when it's not about legit concerns of physical safety, but let's face it: it's Ben Shapiro.)

  9. The power+prejudice definition of racism is so easy to shoot down though: just take the worst of the worst SS camp guards and put them into Soviet captivity. They lost all their power, so they suddendly stopped being racist. Pronto! 🙂

  10. Mr. Doyle.
    If I may, it is ridiculous to claim that (1) these activists believe what they say and (2) the problem is not the activists but rather the capitulation to them.
    A rather extreme example, but not a gratuitous one, might be Hitler.
    I will replace you words with mine and ask (not that I expect you to see this) if you feel the same about my statement.
    I do not believe the following statement, but offer it to make a point:
    The problem was not Hitler (and his apparatus if I may include that without being disingenuous), but rather (only) the apathy or "anything for a quiet life (for the time being)" mindset of those who refrained from ousting or killing him.
    It may be that I am being dramatic in the example, but I obviously don't think so.
    Please do not take this as "hate" (though as you know "hatred" would be correct term anyway).
    From an appreciative viewer who thinks this particular point was wrong and poorly made.

  11. It's not a new Cult, it's another sect of an old Cult.
    The Cult of Socialism. The most hate filled, mass murderous, and genocidal Cult of power, lies and death known to our species.
    Cult of Socialism: The belief that State control of the means of production (Socialism) will lead to a better future (A Utopia), based upon a mythic past (Fantasy).
    This Cult of power, lies and death has existed for centuries in many forms. From before the French Revolution (A bunch of Socialists) to the Soviets, Nazis, Feminism and into todays 'Intersectional Feminism' with it's NatSoc CRT.
    The Cult of Socialism is the only thing i consider to be true Evil (capital E is intentional).

  12. 5: Holy Book's Number for GRACE…

    1. Rapture/Born-again
    2. Confiscation/Tribulation
    3. RETURN: Second Coming
    4. Judgment: Oh-Bah-Mah, Bye-Den, ETC.
    5. Rejoice: New Earth/Heaven

    Five Forces/Horses, Bible's Revelation(s) Apocalypse!!!!!

  13. I wouldn't classify wokeness as a cult because it's far too widespread and mainstream to warrant that label. I also think that term is too easy to dismiss as merely a pejorative rather than a descriptor with deservedly negative connotations.

    I would consider wokeness a secular religion, as contradictory as that combination of words may seem.

  14. Is it not true that being woke or politically correct shouldn't be a term of derision, in the same way being a Conservative or Muslim or Feminist shouldn't be used as a pejorative. There are factions who will push the tenets of the group to breaking point, or indeed deliberately mis-interpreting them to suit their own agenda, but in most instances those core philosophies are valuable to society in our daily discussion toward an inclusive society: another word being redefined as a negative. Words and their meanings should be protected, remain clearly defined and hold true across all conversation. They're all we have to express complicated issues in an increasingly nuanced world.

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