Is Star Wars Political?

Everything is political. But that’s okay, that means we can make everything anti-socialist.


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#StarWars #kenobi

Written by ShortFatOtaku

Hi, I'm SFO, and on this channel I make political and philosophical content. There's a lot wrong with the world at the moment, and I don't really have any way to affect political change other than making videos on pertinent topics, so I'll do what I can. My political position is a liberal centrist - I believe that free western capitalist democracy is the best political system we have, and that it's under attack from all sides, from SJWs, from religious extremism, from radical feminism, from identitarianism, from both progressivism and regressivism, from extremism from both ends of the political spectrum. If you're expecting me to either be alt-right, or side with social justice, you're going to be very disappointed.


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  1. A lot of the secondary media associated with Star Wars, like the novelization and the comic books had versions of these deleted scenes, because they had to start production before the final movie edits were made, so a lot of fans at the time were aware of the backstory that was missing from the films.

  2. The minute Disney took over Star wars I watched one of the movies that they have produced it was total f**** garbage f*** them and I'm pretty f**** pissed off about the sellout he should have ended it there and never let Disney buy it

  3. Biggs looks like a better main character than Luke in that stage, kind like Kamina and simon from Tenge Toppa Gurren Lagann, later in the series simon becomes the man kamina was and was going to be, without him simon wouldnt had become the man he did, he was like an older brother for him, we got robbed of Biggs.

  4. Honestly, The Clone Wars is a great example of a show where the politics discussed in the show make sense in-universe, not because the creators felt the need to shove in political messages just to push a message.

    Glares at The CW

  5. The Empire isn't based strictly on Nazi Germany – it's based more loosely on generally tyrannical empires in history – notable influences also include: the Japanese, British, and Roman empires.

    Ironically enough, MovieBob was on point, saying ~"the Empire is a nebulously evil totalitarian regime that can stand in for whichever Big Evil Bad Guys that YOU think they are," and specifically listing both Commies and Nazis among the prospective candidates.

    < Ref. "Really That Good: Star Wars" >

  6. Wow. I never knew about that deleted scene with Biggs and Luke. I like a lot of the star wars expanded universe material. I wish more people knew about the Star Wars Dark Forces Audio drama based on the books and games. That scene really reminded me of some of the best dialogue from the audiodrama. Wish there was more human stuff like that in modern star wars.

  7. You know what I find funny? The fact that everything is political and left? Ever tried to talk with an "everything is political" person? They're all leftist and when you ask them about a piece of media, no matter what they'll give their left spin to everything. Every story, every media, every work of expressive storytelling is left leaning.

  8. Man it's really too bad George couldn't figure a way to get that scene into the movie, it really adds so much, it make the empire feel like a real thing in the universe. Like it exists in these people's daily lives, it's not just a force going around blowing up planets.

  9. I think this "political" debate was tackled properly in 2014 and before. It was the whole debate about Politics in Games. But honestly its a linguistic categorization error. Example: "This game is not art" might be a phrase someone would say. it does not mean games cannot be art and that art cannot be found. It would be commonly understood by people that it is an abbreviated statement. "This game is not (GOOD) art".

    The same applies to the political argument for media. The true question isn't about finding observations and comments about people living in a society. The question is if they were presented well or have any merit. One could make tortured video essays on any piece of media expounding every point that something in the media relates to the human condition of living in a world with other entities. The question would be, would it be done well enough the merit the effort put into it?

    Reframing this back to art, a kid pissing in snow is art, as much as War and Peace is a novel. Both are art, but one we would say, "this is not art". Surely there is a meaning and a cause behind a kid's snow art, in some measure it can be political. Comparing the two both are political, but we know we don't have to go down there, its a waste of effort.

  10. Hey Dev, the original stormtrooper had nothing to do with WW2 or Nazism. The original stormtrooper was a German infantry unit designed to rush trenches with extreme precision and speed crushing the enemy then instantly pushing to the next line of trenches without slowing.

    -Small note.

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