Is the Fed Using Repo Market to Secretly Help Japan Dump Treasuries?

Is the Fed Secretly Helping Japan Dump Treasuries?

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Japan is in trouble. Their yen is collapsing as they are trying to maintain yield curve control. And so, they intervened to prop up the value of the yen for the first time in decades last week. Now, it turns out that the Federal Reserve may be assisting them. As Bloomberg points out, Japan may have a pile of dollars it can tap at the Fed’s reverse repurchase facility, accessible by foreign central banks.

However, I think what Bloomberg is talking about here is actually the opposite of what’s going on at the reverse repo facility. There is not enough evidence that Japan has any significant amount of money with the Fed. Instead, it looks like the Fed is going to have to be actively assisting Japan with dumping those Treasuries, using the opposite the repo facility, specifically the one for foreign central banks.

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1:03 Japan Has Money It Can Still Use
3:16 Treasuries Sold Off in Bear Steepening Move
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  1. Incase it is of interest… here in Egypt they have announced that starting in middle school Egyptian students will learn the Chinese language through a deal with China. Also despite the huge financial issues heard on the news Egypt continues to massively reconstruct the entire country's bridge and road system. A huge project that should cost billions and billions. Please it would be so appreciated if you could do something about Egypt's financial situation as what I see and hear confuses me to no end. Thanks 🙂

  2. Idk if anyone else agrees with me but I think the whole selling treasuries to get dollars to save their currency is kind of a ruse. I think that because there is a global dollar shortage and most foreign institutions already ran out of collateral so they don’t have any pristine collateral to exchange for dollars. So foreign governments are unloading their bonds and buying their own currency from their own banks. This provides the dollars needed for those institutions but at the cost of strengthening the dollar which makes the dollar shortage even worse.

  3. Not only that kiddies they are also providing liquidity market wide, buying and sell mortgage backed securities and I'm pretty sure the Bitcoin ETF black rock runs has treasuries in it aswell for…. you guessed it, more liquidity 🤣 the Fed is propping up everything while sifting out all the toxic equities, securities, bonds and shit that was grabbed by ninjas claiming they had the collateral but… and yes you guessed it again, they never had lol ✌️😁 hope that helps

  4. If countries start dumping it the repo program for central bank, then the FED will have to print dollars in return! That's inflation area, and still drives up rates. But there's never a liquidity problem for the fed as thay can print $$$.

    And then, all these notes the fed buys, just adds to the $30 Trillion balance sheet.


  6. Will this repo action be highly inflationary in the international and finally domestic market as the Fed is basically printing new cash to give to Japan, etc who will pump that back into the market at large?

  7. so if Japan goes the way of the repo u talk about, wouldn't they have to pay that loan back at some point in the near term, repo market is short term loans yeh? or they are just selling them straight to the FED?
    If it's a loan, that's a dangerous game they are playing, unless they can actually get the yen to stay elevated over the dollar

  8. um, so fed doesn't want the yields to shoot up and hence created a secret facility to buy trsys. but will not care about falling dollar that BOJ will be selling off to buy yen. math is not mathing.

  9. Today we saw the 10yr jump and then go back down,, there's no way of telling who or what cause that if the used the repo ?? So is Japan selling treasuries to get dollars to buy Yen or do we have other countries doing the same now ??
    We won't know if we can't see

  10. An interesting way to delay the expected melt-up in the Japanese debt market although it could soon become a global debt market collapse if Central banks keep interest rates too low for too long relative to the inflationary trends !! Hedge funds, pension funds and other financial corporations would abandon the bond markets driving up interest rates to the moon!!

  11. In Europe the bonds form Spain and Italy that commercials banks have are sold to banks’ clients under the name of warranted deposits. This is a way to sell the bonds without going to the open market. In this case, it’s a dirty way to get rid of risky assets under a fancy product name. So seems all countries are making mechanisms to hide the bonds bubble.

  12. FED: prints money for the government; People: grumble, OK I guess…
    FED: prints money for banks and financial institutions; People: whoa dude, that is OUR money you're giving the banks…
    FED: prints money for foreign central banks; People: ?

  13. I will forever be indebted to you you've changed my whole life continue to preach about your name for the world to hear you've saved me from a huge financial debt with just little investment, thanks so much Mrs Lisa Preston.

  14. Why do you think Japan's Former Prime Minister, Abe was assassinated? He was getting closer to Russia and was ready to dump all those trillions of worthless US Treasury Bonds. Japan is the biggest holder in the world of US debt… 😂😂 Geopolitical analyst and marxist economist.

  15. Who said that the Fed does not know what thier doing… they just proof it buy creating another credit facility to stablised the Dollar… the Feds its all about the Dollar sustainability…. 😁

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