Is the Great Reset driving COVID and climate change policy? (Norman Fenton & Bret Weinstein)

Great Reset and Agenda 2030.

Bret speaks with Norman Fenton on the failure of academia and our medical system that COVID has revealed. They discuss how Wikipedia, the greatest encyclopedia to date, has become a political weapon, and how big an issue this actually is.

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  1. I have thought a lot about this too.I think it was a lot of factors at play.Corporate greed with vaccines is one.Politicization and weaponization of covid mandates was another.There was definately a consensus among leaders globally that this was an opportunity to push any and all agendas on the people against their will and just keep saying its for health which obviously produced some ridiculous results and horrible human rights violations.

  2. the speed of climate change needs to be faster than the speed of our birthrate dropping radically!!!! which absolutely can't replace the population or even sustain us as a species. mix that with incredibly low fertility and we have a recipe for extinction right there FORGET THE F**KING CLIMATE!!!!. fact is the global population is set to radically drop in the next 200 years. voila human factor climate change solved. if you even believe we are a factor which I DO NOT!

  3. I understood the UK and other countries back around 2005 had put together a Pandemic response plan in place, but was totally abandoned in 2020. No wonder these last two years have been aptly named The Plandemic.

  4. NOTHING of the respose to the corona hysteria was accidental or due to incompitence IT WAS DONE TO DO AS MUCH HARM AS POSSIBLE ON PURPOSE !!! It was all about "the great reset" and "YOU will own NOTHING and be happy (or else….)"

  5. Climate change modelling is corrupt as it was when Al Gore was manipulating statistics to fit the agenda. His hockey stick graph been debunked by many highly qualified but gagged scientists who specialise in the subject. The consensus was made up out a questionnaire deliberately worded and in which the massive majority who completed it had absolutely no qualifications or knowledge about climate. Even physiotherapists filled in in. Just because a title doctor could be used. Complete fakery.

  6. Thankfully me and my family did the opposite of what all the experts said to do. Because of that we thrived during COVID. It's great to see the red pilling in real time on this channel. I'm so ahead of the time that I remember when I was warning people about agenda 21.

  7. Humans are like a virus on the ass of a flea on the ass of an elephant. To think that we are the cause of climate change is insane. The SUN controls the climate and intergalactic energy controls the sun.

  8. Even those politicians who weren't driven by climate to suppress the economy, abandoned their responsibilities by passing off policy decisions to their medical people. The medical people are driven by Pharma money and a single minded drive to attempt to save every single life despite the long term consequences.

  9. Bret Weinstein, intelligently ignorant. The ultimate goal of the totalitarians pushing global climate alarmism is control, control, control. Throughout history, the elites who have ascended to great wealth and prestige have also, if not in their lifetime, then in their children’s lifetime, lost their wealth and prestige. They don’t care the least bit about a climate catastrophe, whether that involves unlocking trapped methane, releasing tons of CO2, H2O or any other gas or vapor produced directly or indirectly as a result of man’s activity on this planet. Their goal is to halt their descent. Climate alarmism is the most easily used tool to draw both the intellectual and the ignorant into a prolonged and protracted argument that allows them to achieve their goals. They will not permit fission or fusion as alternatives to solar and wind because then the masses will still be free. If they are going to stop the masses from ascending to their levels of wealth and prestige, and ultimately hold what is a dynamic situation, static, then they must control and enslave the masses. Got it!?! Stop being a useful idiot and playing along with their game of subterfuge! “I’m concerned about the methane trapped in the arctic ice.” When you are a mere slave scheduled for elimination, once you have outlived your usefulness, let’s talk about that trapped methane. Right!!!

  10. Is methane being actually released? Methane = natural gas, and it's being sought after in Germany right now. There has to be a solution to this. But why is a warming of the planet by a few degrees a bad thing? Longer growing seasons, bigger yields, much warmer at the poles. And then there is the absurdity of thinking we can provide the world with a stable climate.

    Do the math. CO2 is around 400 parts per million, or 4 parts in 10,000. Do you really think that adding one more molecule of CO2 to 10,000 is going to retain enough heat to destroy human civilization?

  11. Frozen methane? Methane freezes at -297 degrees Fahrenheit. Nowhere on the earth are temperatures that low. I believe what you are talking about is gaseous methane trapped in frozen water in the arctic, aka methane clathrates.

  12. 11:30 … you are being intentionally misled about the speed, they aren't as confident in their projections as they pretend, or they are just wrong and don't even recognize it (or, at this point, own up to it). We can definitively identify 'speed' as misinformation – but that does not mean that the "rate of change projections" is the point at which misinformation began.

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