Is The Media Treating Biden WORSE THAN TRUMP?!?

00:00 Intro
03:04 The Graph
06:44 The Media Sources Are Lopsided
09:00 Rating the Media Sentiment
12:55 Duplicate Articles Are Rated Entirely Different
14:38 These Articles Have Nothing To Do With Biden
15:56 The Trump Side of the Data
17:31 Spoiler Alert – NOTHING MATCHES UP!

That Washington Post columnist is out of his mind.

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  1. The fact you went so in depth into this article shows how diehard you are for Trump, and how obsessed his supporters are for debasing anything that they might disagree with. Get a freaking life, this is sad

  2. A.I. redefined as acquired ignorance.
    Sponsored by the left.
    The hunt for the orange man must continue.
    Pay no attention to the marionettes behind the curtain, as they fumble with Biden's strings.
    This is their, methodology.
    Keep people ignorant, throw up a graph, chart etc. Turn it so it looks good for your agenda. But at all costs, prohibit anyone with half an ounce of common sense from really looking at it.
    This is straight out of a Monkey meeting commercial.
    Media has done nothing but protect this lifetime failure as a politician/President.
    The best way they know how. Keep him out of the public eye.
    Hide his constant failures. By focusing on something else.
    But even they can't hide his obvious, rapid mental decline when he goes public.
    He was mentally unfit when he took office. And has been on a high speed downhill rail ever since.
    Media, and those who carry on this charade should be held accountable.

  3. I don’t know if you’ve realized this, but you’ve pointed out the deadly sins of data science (poor model training/evaluation, no transparency, confounding variables, etc). I’d actually share this video in my data science circles so newbies can avoid them. Good work.

  4. And yet none of the so-called “science” people can’t accurately analyze the data and point out there may be some irregularities in this data. Nope, they accept it as gospel and thus the WH runs out and begs the media to say nice things about Joey. What a joke. Thanks for your thoughtful and in-depth analysis Andrew. You are doing God’s work.

  5. The entire time during trumps presidency its was straight up slander every single day without evidence to prove what they were saying. Now with biden its straight up treason while the media praises him for remembering what room he is in.

  6. I feel like this is what ever media "journalists" dreams of this type of work. Then they realize you actually have to do hard work and a lot of research. So they just give up and shill for corporations. Great work. Never stop.

  7. I wonder if the AI is factoring in all the ads on the website. These numbers are kinda useless. The best way to use them is to see what stories got really positive or really negative coverage at the extremes.

  8. Had a professor in 2016 say he was conducting an analysis on how media treated Trump vs previous presidents. The basis (or at least one the key basis) was how often they referred to him as "Mr. President" or "President" in press conferences as opposed to "Trump." I wouldn't exactly consider that professor a die-hard lefty, but I thought it was a pretty bad way to conduct that kind of study.

  9. The so BBC sled media has become funnier than SNL and all the late night shows combined. Just when they can’t get any dumber they go and say that biden is treated worse than Trump.
    To be fair, it’s not really the AI’s fault. Whomever put the parameters in for this bs is to blame. I will wager to say that it’s some far left crazy that knows the sheep are too stupid to do any research. Sadly he is correct and they buy into this bs.

  10. the main difference between the Media’s Coverage of Trump and Biden, is that, in the Case of the Former, their Negative Criticism was largely unfair, because it is derived from their OWN Subjective Uncharitable Interpretations of EVERYTHING that Trump said and/or did, typically, by ascribing False Motives to his Words and/or Actions that spun them to be Racist, Sexist or Otherwise Hateful in nature, on the basis of their OWN Preexisting Biases which led them to report their Personal Unfavorable Narrative-Driven OPINIONS of him, as if it was Fact-Based Journalistic News.
    while in the Case of the Latter, the Negative Coverage of Biden is largely based on the Objectively Demonstrable Harm that his Policies are doing to the Country, and I can provide plenty of examples if anyone doesn’t want to believe me.

  11. I get the feeling Milbank’s ‘wife’ beats him every night when he returns home from work. I mean, I’ve heard of Beta-males, but is there a type of male that’s lower than Omega to adequately describe Milbank?

  12. I started reading Seeing by Jose Saramago. No one was happy with the government so 80% of the population turned in blank ballots. The government felt those people were RUINING democracy! But who was really ruining democracy?

  13. All of the media outside Fox news and all of big tech and every Hollywood celebrity and blue checkmark on Twitter wanted to lynch Trump for the last 5 years.

  14. I appreciate you taking the time to go through all this information and point out all the nonconforming material. It's proof that the media has absolutely no standard for quality content

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