Is the RBA helping Central Banks manipulate the price of gold? – Senate Estimates 10.11.22

I asked the RBA whether or not the Bank of England sought their permission before they melted down Australia’s gold holdings and refined them from 2015 onwards.

Needless to say the RBA were clueless or deliberately hiding the truth.

At the end of my questioning the RBA continue to lie about their manipulation of gold. Yet again they claim that by leasing it, the are helping producers hedge their gold.

This is wrong. When producers hedge their gold they are forward selling. If the RBA was helping they would be forward buying not leasing.

It beggars belief how they get away with it.


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  1. Straight away he says 'are you Referring to the Gold bars we owned' in stead of 'own' Referring to the Gold bars in the past tenths is not a good sign. I would like to make it very clear that the Gold we are talking about had already been through the refining process before it even left Australia and was stamped 99.9.

  2. This guy has the shit on all the scum bags . The fact that Australia is being fucked up the arse by and they are dancing around these questions and try umm and ahh is proof that Rennick has the shit on them shows that we need to get out of all these Central Bank Scams .

  3. All just a scam. Like our oil reserves in the US.
    It isn't our reserves, it's our payments to the system. You could say, pay to play scheme.
    Australia will never see any of it, or any benefit from it.

  4. I watch you from here in Scotland Senator Rennick. You are quite sensational. Wow! It's like you have a fishing rod with no bait & just a hook to catch the bad fish. My goodness, you catch them in abundance and with ease. Sooooperb. 😊😊

  5. Wow your are a legend 🤣,
    You see Straight through the Fat and Teet Lovers in Politics … you Cut straight to Bone of where Australias true wealth Lies.. (in its people)
    Most Public Servants and Govt Leaders(cough!) just want to chew on Commonwealth Fat and be Done with Oz until they "Retire👍" (hopefully with cholesterol issues)
    You however 'keep these Bastards Honest' by reminding them that they 'have to sleep at night'
    I hope you have Offspring or at least some good Students/Protege's who get what you are About ..
    Keep protecting our Rights, Australia's Resources and Culture …
    Let no man "Sell Us all Out" ✌🇦🇺

  6. We don't need the RBA or commercial banks. We don't even need taxes. What we need is a true government of the people that prints and loans it's own money interest free that can fund it's own infrastructure based on the resources and skills that are available. Hence the result a slow and natural inflation void of the boom and bust as the population grows.

  7. I can't believe how evasive theses public servants are in taking responsibility to actually answer the questions. It's like these people deliberately dumb themselves down to evade responsibility. It is dishonest.

  8. One really has to ask, why are these 'supposed' gold bars sitting in England! 😳 And if it's a paper transaction, how can the serial numbers be different. I would ask to physically VIEW these 'supposed' gold bars! 😳

  9. What's with the ridiculously short time given to ask questions? It's a clown world system that's obviously been set up to rort and is run by self-serving liars. 😡 Enough!!!!

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