Is the Supply Chain Being Sabotaged?

Hey internet friends–in this video, we take a look at all this news regarding supply chain disruptions and wonder, “is the supply chain being sabotaged?”

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Written by reallygraceful


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  1. i'm in NYC and mostly shop at a local grocery chain whose locations are limited to south Brooklyn. no shortages there, though prices of fresh produce seem to be inching upwards. however, when i go to a national chain like Walgreens, it's empty shelves everywhere. makes me think the shortages are 100% manufactured, especially because toilet paper is one of the easiest things to manufacture & keep your store full of – the whole TP shortage thing is just designed to induce panic, as are the neverending stories about meat shortages etc (i don't eat red meat so can't speak to whether the prices have gone up or down but looking at the meat shelves in my local market they remain full. meat shelves in the chain markets like Stop & Shop have been intermittently full but sometimes a bit bare)

  2. US Treasury Deputy Sec warns unvaxxed Americans that shortages will continue until EVERYONE is vaccinated. How is that not a threat or blame? Unvaxxed are to blame? Get vaxxed or we continue to WITHOLD the things you need. Comply or else!

  3. Remember Trump's EOs on human (child) trafficking and election interference. Many ships sitting off the coasts are involved in both.
    200 Children were just rescued (Nov 2) from a HK carrier named the Morning Star, anchored off Long Beach, California!

  4. The COP26 climate fascists are going to stop people eating so much red meat, which means YOU Uncle Sam!
    The climate change agenda is really about STOPPING HUMAN CONSUMPTION
    The elite want us mere plebs to eat less and buy less hard goods or foreign holidays.

  5. There are 2 ongoing agendas: 2021 and 2030. I didn't have the time to read these, but I can imagine that one might find some answers into these.
    The present p@ndem¡c is in fact a war that started with the 5G conflict between the CCP and the US, before 2019 and came to a climax in 2019.
    But this isn't the point here.
    In other videos you talked about the food chain and how lab grown food is pushed. Well, if the supply chain is badly disrupted, this might also push that agenda! Just a thought.

  6. I believed this was intentional from the very beginning. In part to create monopolies of the multi billion $ corporations, by destroying as many small businesses as possible. Meanwhile the former "nonessential" business owners and their former employees are forced into becoming dependent on things such as welfare, or being forced into working for the corporations that put them out of work. Strange how the explanation given was that small businesses were responsible for spreading the virus like wildfire, even though the numbers of their customers were only a tiny percent of those forced instead to go to or through businesses that saw from hundreds to multiple thousands of customers a day go through their doors. Nobody once ever questioned how that made absolutely no sense at all.

  7. The food supply is definitely being purposefully shutdown using a variety of methods ( weather weapons) that have wiped out large portions of the grains across the Midwest last year ( 2020) and then we had the meat processing facilities were closed for Covid19 fears. This has in turn forced cattle farmers to slaughter their herds in the field, since they can not afford to feed them while waiting to go to a processing facility.
    The unnecessary lockdowns, endless money printing and nonsense “Green Policies” such as shutting down pipelines will continue to drive prices up on all products. This will limit supply and ability to access food as times goes on. Starvation and the ensuing consequences of the “vaccines” will sicken and kill a large number of people this winter.

  8. All in the plan of the Deep States agenda … before you know it, there will be no more questions to ask, only eye opening information called the Truth. Keep in the for front of your minds… Crimes against humanity … good will always prevail, even if its decades later. Now is the time… so prepare because it is Huge…

  9. USA commanded Australia to NOT deliver coal to CHINA.
    CHINA can not produce fertilizer and phosphorus and squeeze fertilizer supply for the rest of the world.
    No fertilizer – no Food to eat. So what will you eat next year?

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