Is the US Economy Already Collapsing?

With inflation at 40-year highs, gas prices at record highs, bond and crypto prices falling, and food shortages, is it possible that the United States’ economy is already undergoing a collapse?

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Written by Primo Radical


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  1. Biden is repeating the same mistakes as the Clintons. No surprise! The government deficit is the non-government assets. You and I own no government assets! Paying down the deficit is removing your assets! Biden is draining your swimming pool and sending the water to Ukraine, a slush fund that you and I will never profit from. And they won’t either, because our elites thought they could destroy Russia via economic warfare. Now Lloyd Austin is begging for a cease fire. Hey USA…Putin doesn’t bluff. Learn MMT! Stephanie Kelton and Warren Mosler.

  2. As long as we ignore the problem of human overpopulation we would risk ourselves in facing crisis such as these. Recognising overpopulation does not mean creating death, chaos and decay, rather it's about recognising our responsibility in bringing more and more human beings into this world where our resources are stretched thin.
    Just like how we are managing to stop the spread of the coronavirus by limiting its exponential growth by infecting folks by wearing N95 respirator masks and social distancing, overpopulation is solved through the same manner in that we lessen the exponential growth through a "global worldwide seven year birth stop followed by federal birth regulation" so that the "RATE" of exponential growth of human beings would be drastically reduced in such a manner that we continue the existence of human beings as well as have folks who are living today to continue living until the ripe old age of an average of 70 to 100 years.
    By not addressing overpopulation in a logical, rational and intellect based manner, where we have compassion towards our fellow Earth human beings, we would leave the problem of overpopulation to our inept leadership class, which have so far shown through the experience we are facing with the crisis of the coronavirus, that they are not considering the health, welfare, and well being of his and her citizenry.
    Human beings must be valued, hence we must understand and effect real true love, peace, freedom and harmony amongst our fellow Earth humankind as well as exhibit this same compassion towards fauna, flora and nature. We have lost our way because we have so fare given up our ability and capability to think consciously towards the leadership class and its lackey the media. But we cannot ignore any longer the problems of overpopulation which in its essence its all about birthing the next generation and the next, where if we do want to create children, we must do in such a manner that they can grow up independently strong, with both parents (no divorce), health, home, and a good education (which means support in education al the way to college). Our world is messed up because we are not taking responsibility towards what we do, think, feel or effect. So we must change in order to effect a better tomorrow.
    Overpopulation is the recognition that we have only so much resources for us to live comfortably with. It's never about space and wide open ranges. The war in Ukraine, the middle East, and the aggression towards China and Russia is because our western and eastern governments must yield to the demands of his or her populace. And with well over 9 billion human beings demanding oil, medicine, fresh water, meat, fish, heat in the winter, air conditioning in the summer, our governments can only do so much until finally they lose control of their good human nature and thus become so aggressive to other nations that the Rubicon of nuclear war will destroy us all. So we must stop believing in nonsense-no-go-anywhere delusion of "depopulation agenda" and instead start truly thinking about how we can live with each other by addressing real world problems – like overpopulation. Where it is mentioned earlier that the only way is to really consider if giving birth greater than 2 or 3 is really worth it.

  3. Can you invite Jeffrey Sachs on the show? He talks about how the Biden sanctions will destroy the world economy and how Biden will also destroy Ukraine. He is international economist and Columbia professor

  4. while gas prices are a good indicator of the economy, we need to move off of fossil fuels in a massive high priority way and get these demented gerontocratic oligarchs out of office for immediate change. And biodiesel is not a solution too

  5. An argument against over population Malthusian ideology:

    How exactly would such government mandated measures NOT be abused? Just look at the abuse by the corporate state during the last two years that failed to “stop the spread”, or “flatten the curve”, yet within the context of “public/private” corporate government collusion made certain that the working class would be flattened. And that’s exactly what happened globally, and yet COVID is here to stay, and masks didn’t do squat.

    Countless pandemic narratives crumbled and were debunked, exposing the revolving door that benefited big pharma and other special interests. Your analogy is nonsensical, and the last two years were NOT examples of “a logical, rational or intellect based response”.

    Malthusians call for authoritarian control in the guise of compassion. What needs to be done is a complete system overhaul that ends the financialized economy, puts the criminal bankers in jail for their financial terrorism, ends debt slavery for the 3rd world as well as all peoples from the rentier class, and opens peoples consciousness beyond the consumerism and endless growth, at the barrel of a gun, capitalism promotes.

    Anything else will not go to root issues, but rather create another sort of tyranny.

  6. Yikes. Excellent talk. Comprehensive. On young people buying homes, anecdotal, but my son has a similar job my at his age. Young beginner professional. He has (in American dollars) a similar income not adjusting for inflation. A tiny bungalow in Phoenix is about a third more costly than the one we bought on a third of an acre with a pool in 1997. In part this influenced by California housing refugees. Look at the bright side. With the further inevitible decline caused when our fiat currency deflates, my son will be able to afford to own a home. A crisis is literally "a point of change" by definition.

    How odd that there were homes in every local metro Phoenix neighbourhood (I have to check, but I remember 1 in 20) homes were in foreclosure and then foreclosed in every Pheonix neighbourhood, across surprising economic strata, but not unifomly, such a short time ago, in the 2008 aftermath.

    The house next door was beautiful. The attorney who owned it gave my sons and I a tour to show off his excellent interior design. It was beautiful. After the foreclosure, he hired a crew to come in and rip out every fixture of value to be sold off and gutted the place. I ran into him before he moved back to Florida where he told me he "owned a home outright." There are all kinds of stories in this.

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