As research shows that corporate price markups and profits jumped to their highest levels in seven decades last year, are we now seeing how an alliance between big business and government renders the rest of us powerless?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. nothing can help, because growing protest will be met with measures against them, with the support of the annoyed affected people and the sympathy of the spectators. The only way is passive, peaceful resistance, à la Gandhi, which can only work if enough people do it, but the majority vote for the parties who want to 'build back better' (after having destroyed first, of course). France gives a shimmer of hope, and things usually start there. They had it worst earlier, too.

  2. If you haven’t figured out yet somethings afoot then it’s probably better you live in a bubble of denial , what’s coming down the tracks is going to be very unpleasant and likely you’ll not deal with it very well, most people are absolutely clueless what’s going on around them .

  3. The NWO crowd are creating the perfect storm that will bring people to their knees in fear and desperation so they will willingly give up their freedom for the illusion of peace & security that the great reset pretends to offer.. time is short, we must stop voting for NWO political parties, And stop using companies involved with the WEF, as long as give these people our support & money they will keep taking advantage of us.. time to be strong, come together as one and stop assisting & financing our own destruction.

  4. I totally agree with everything Russell is saying. Fuel costs basically dictate the prices of everything. War equals massive profits for the pigs that are running this world.

  5. Yes, the world is falling apart. No two ways about it. The scary thing is that this is just the begging of their sinister plans. I don't hink it can be stopped.

  6. What is new?The majority have always been used as pawns to the few that govern and control things.We have been lulled into comfortable consumerism and now with us voluntarily giving away our privacy and rights the new dawn beckons where we are ruled by continuous fear and we are expected to be compliant.

    The solution: unplug.
    Be in the world but not of it.Choose to create something new.The masses have more power than the few who control things….why are we not using this to our advantage?! I like to remember this:how is my misery and global misery creating wealth for the few?

  7. I feel I'm in a long tunnel, not even a dim light in sight.
    Yes the corn flakes are shrinking, puffed wheat deflating, and prices are going snap, crackle and pop!!

    Apparently now workers have higher wages, however doesn't it always make food prices go up?
    Then a week later we hear layoffs are coming…what's the point, food prices will remain high.
    We are entering a new era due to crises mostly elsewhere in the world, which should not cost us our
    livelihood and security. It's one excuse after another for raising the cost of living…while we don't know
    where to turn, we haven't been in the driver's seat for a long time. If we don't get off this ride soon there
    will be massive violence.

    We must wake up and realize we are being fed an illusion, they make us fear, panic and take it out on
    one another. What are we, some kind of drama they like to watch for entertainment; are they a picnic
    short of a basket? YES. If this keeps up we should all say "NO" we are not owing the government anymore
    on our yearly income taxes, due to high food, gas prices and their inflated budgets.

  8. The begging of the end is near. Its the complacent public letting it happen! Fkn idiots and their stupid conveniences….bahhhh break the wheel now or your children's children will suffer🤬

  9. Big business holds the worlds populations at gun point and forces them to buy or die.
    To fix that you need to hold big business at gun point and force them to stop.
    For too long society has stood by and let big business walk all over them, charge whatever they like, and then society says thank you may I have some more? Meanwhile your brainwashed into thinking this is just how it is now, to make sure you "stay in your place". Well I think there needs to be a sheading of corporate greed, not financially, but physically. As bad as it sounds the death of corporate board members would send a clear message to other big businesses that they either change their ways or their next. This world has gotten way too soft and things need to change. Riots and destruction are needed to move forward as a whole and to fix what's broke, Not standing by idle as you yell into the darkness for change that will never come…

  10. the reality is the American government will always look at the public as a never ending source of money and will continue to do so.its all about control and money and as a American 95% of the people belive what the government tells them.they are all sheep.if they could they would take even more from regular working folks then they already are and most likely will in the future.

  11. The world is tipping to justifying new age slavery. I mean my god it's been imagined, displayed, and now put in to practice. We're just placated cuz the warnings came from movies we thought were entertainment, but then were seen by those with power and they thought" hey, that's not a bad idea. We can make that happen but subtle enough so no one will notice." No matter how extravagant or not, the principle and practice are still the same. My grandfather said it best: " Doesnt matter now if the politicians and government is Democrat, Republican, independent, or otherwise…. they're all in bed together and the most important thing to all of them is money and power.

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