Is there any other way to deal with the pandemic? (from Livestream #107)

Clip taken from DarkHorse Podcast Livestream #107 (originally streamed live on December 04, 2021):


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In this 107th in a series of live discussions with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (both PhDs in Biology), discuss the state of the world though an evolutionary lens. Find more from us on Bret’s website ( or Heather’s website (

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  1. What pandemic? We're forced to suffer a fabricated crisis serving as pretext to re-organize society in the direction of stricter oligarchic-managed totalitarian-technocratic control. If you still think this is about a "pandemic", then perhaps you deserve to be continually surveilled, farmed, experimented upon and sacrificed like so much human cattle…

  2. December 2020 Covid 19 is rampant and a vaccine is concocted,February 2021they announced the release of the delta variant just before the March 2021 vaccine rollout for the “ original” Covid 19 strain,now rendered useless by the delta because it may or may not work against the “new” variant.

  3. North of Atlanta or any time between Sep – Mar you cannot get enough Vit D no matter how pale you are, and it only gets worse the darker your skin.
    Take your supplements, friends, get your doctor to check your D levels, and lose weight.

  4. No need for such l lofty and samba reflection.. there are many different highly effective ways to neutralize any pathogens in the human body, Chief among them chlorine dioxide, MMS popularly known, which is far more powerful than anybody cares to realize, evidently. For more information see one of my seven books on Barnes & noble..

    Joseph Andrew Marcello
    Northfield Healing Arts

  5. I can't believe folks who present themselves as informed the knowledgeable as you try to do can be so abidingly unaware of the fact that even through the admission of the cdc, not to mention doctors Cowan and Kaufman and so many others that could be mentioned, that there has been no effective finding, isolation, purification or analysis for extraction of anything that could possibly be called covid-19

    Can it be that you were both so ignorant of this fact? And why must your ponderous, somber discussion proceed as if this is already been established when it has not?

    Time for true intelligence to awaken and emerge, and for the mere appearance of such to be humbly eschewed.

    Time to stop pedaling illusions in the name of truth-telling.

  6. Blessings from Germany to my brothers in Christ and also to everyone else who endures harsh C-Regulations. I told my (atheist) father, next time he tries to break the peace with the topic of C, I'll tell him about Jesus. Let's see. Over here in Germany it's pretty similar, but to make things worse, next year, thanks to Austria, we'll be the next country with Demanded Vaxinations. End of February, I think. Pray that it won't be forced ones. I could endure fines or jail or whatever; but I wouldn't know what to do if they were forced… let's hope that the judges decide it's not a lawful decision by the politicians, pray, please. They all promised in the beginning "no, there won't be mandatory vaxing. This is a conspiracy theory." They even said "No, there won't be forced regulations about covid". Unbelievable.

  7. Your soooooo correct. My wife currently has covid and is doing well, but no thanks to our PCP! After learning she had covid via an at home covid test, our PCP would not make an appointment (in person or telehealth), would not prescribe as much as a cough drop much less ivermectin or fluvoxamine, he gave her no advice on OTC drugs or supplements to take or avoid, he did not give her a doctors note for her employer, and rejected her request for monoclonal antibodies. All he told her to do was to go to ER if her blood oxygen level falls below 92! Ironically a couple months earlier when trying to convince her to take the jab he told her that she at an elevated risk, yet when he denied her request for monoclonal antibodies he said she is reasonably healthy and that monoclonal antibodies had their own risks! To me this is ripe of a vindictive doctor who didn’t appreciate being questioned! Fortunately, thanks to the dark horse podcast, Robert Malone, Ryan Cole, and an assortment of others who place integrity before their career we had beefed up on Vitamins C, D, and Zinc, and once she got infected we added Black Cumin Seed Oil, Quercetin, Turmeric, K2, and Aspirin to the mix, but if she needed a prescription we would have been sunk! I feel betrayed by my PCP and will never dawn his office doors again!

  8. What do you do when fear is unleashed on senior citizens – there is talk online of restricting Medicare, SS, and making patients pay for their care if they end up in the hospital. I have family members who are terrified of Covid! The media is the blame for this fear. I recommend that the TV be turned off but there are extremely hostile fearful videos online that foster the same lies.

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