Is There Such A Thing As A Female Incel?

Chris and William Costello discuss whether there is such a thing as a female incel? Is it possible to be a true femcel? Are femcels fakecels? What is the evolutionary psychology of a female incel?

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Written by Chris Williamson


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  1. As a hard-core blackpill expert the answer is a resounding NO. Women can get almost any man they want at any time without any effort. In the modern era with onlyfans, Tinder, hinge and Instagram it's even easier for women than it ever has been. Women's standards are up to such a unrealistically high standard that most men can never achieve. Any female who calls herself a cel is 100% delusional and usually looking for pity from simps and white knights.

  2. Anyone can buy a prostitute, so how can male and female incels really be any different? Male incels choose not to buy a prostitute, female incels choose not to have sex with any man offering. It's always a choice to meet a partner that meets your expectations.

  3. Does this explain why so many male to female trans people are doing porn? You don´t really see… well, you actually have to go and search a bit for female to male trans porn. And the "talent" pool is rather shallow.
    At least that is what my friend told me.

  4. I'm having a really hard time controlling my rage while driving. I've tried anger management years ago. but with an empty stomach, I get set off so quickly while driving with idiots, oblivious people, rushed morons.

  5. Sounds like the correct answer is generally no, though there must be some.

    But it needs to be another term for those women who can't find the sex they want (if that is because the guys they want are too small a pool, or they only want long term and that is not on offer).

  6. You got to love idiotic liberal society that has to pathologize everything. Oh, you don’t like what "everyone" says about gay’s you must be homophobic. Oh, you don’t like climate change narrative, you must be climophobic, or what is it, climate change deniers, that’s right. Oh you have concerns about unproven new technology being injected into you, you are anti-vax. Oh, you don’t like driving cars, you must be "Involintary non-driver" LMAO. Who comes up with these dumb labels. What happened to having preferences, needs, interests, concerns, etc.? Apparently unless you support the current thing you are put in some imaginary category and labeled with some fake pathology. You know what that is? Confession by projection. It’s the people running the society and the culture that is pathological. Or in laymen terms. Screwed up. Reminds me that whole personality disorder category, invented by bureaucrats to put people in boxes so they can have less paperwork. I mean that's how they created The Authoritarian Personality in 1950's and where you were a fascist if you had different opinion than current thing. The Authoritarian Personality of the 1950 soon became too heavily criticized, but already in 1952 we got ourselves a new book to replace it. The infamous Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). These labels are made for bureaucracy, for insurance companies, big pharma and goverment, not people. So when you label someone incel or someone labels themselves, its pure nonsense, what we are dealing with its screwed up society that has dehumanized people to the paint of not even thinking them as people, but some abstract pathology that needs to be either medicated or excommunicated as long as we can put it in some nice little bureaucratic box. No wonder so many are depressed, its madness.

  7. There is definitely pizza. Also almost every woman thinks they are good in bed and most aren't. Men will tell them they are to be nice just like women do men, but if you actually get with a woman good in bed then you will realize most women are average at best but they all believe they are tight and great in bed lol.

  8. No , even the madest most psychotic self harming violent drug addicted borderline can find multiple men to have sex with and shockingly have relationships and even worse reproduce with. Whether a woman is or is not single because it's always a choice .

  9. I think we need to get over terms like incels and look at the broader prospect of masculinity, modern feminism and mariage, dating and hook-up culture and culture as a whole. There are alot of things contributing to this

  10. Incels don't exist. Celibacy is a life long choice of abstinence and therefore voluntary.

    The idea that men will mate with most women is simply not true. Just think of your classmates in high school. In my class, out of 15 girls there were only 3 sexually attractive ones. That's 20%.

    It's not 20% of men (the alphas) having sex with 80% of women, that's a lazy made up 20-80 rule. It's closer to 20% of women (the hot ones). Both groups have an elite of attractive people with roughly equal size. Since men are less selective, you could crank that 20% up to more but that's only for sex and most women will deny that, looking for something more permanent and are way more picky, so the pools of "mutually eligibles" that could end up in bed are similarly small.

    I'm pretty sure gorgeous virgins do exist…while a hard man is good to find, a good man…a good match….it's harder if you're very smart or "weird" if you're serious about settling down with someone.

    My advice: stop this obsession with getting laid, it's for losers that keep chasing tail restlessly because they never grow up. Pick up artists never stick to a partner they're addicted to conquest. Build something solid for yourself that is still there if the mrs happens to leave.

    Seeking approval through sex is a second hander mentality. PUA's pretent NOT to seek approval while they're constantly doing it: every conquest is an approval, a confirmation of how great they are.

  11. I think the problem with the red pill community is they justify how many women think when it isn't a good idea to do so. Like the idea women will only "date up" while this makes sense from a biological perspective it isn't always true. These things are really about trends. Women tend to date up, but you see the red pill says that they essentially always do, which isn't actually true. Now you see women feel justified in this position and men never even try to shoot their shot at "their level" or above it harms both sexes.

  12. I think a lot of the dating problems would be resolved if people were just honest with themselves in terms of what they can actually attract and actually be honest with their intentions and it was actually appreciated too of course. The issue is it doesn't pay to be honest. If a woman says listen I had a really promiscuous past chances are any guy of any value that she would be actually attracted to would be like oh cool and ghost her.

    If a dude tells a girl I really like you and shows his card shes is going to be like oh wow this dude is really thirsty and ghost him. Men literally have no choice but to run game on any woman that is close to his level. Women have no choice but to hide their past cause men simply don't value that gave themselves away too easily if the guy is generally anything of what a woman is looking for. It's just a harsh truth.

    Sure you can easily get a woman by being brutally honest but she is going to be substantially less attractive than you probably. As a woman sure you can get sex easily but it's going to only be with a guy that is out of her league and she is going to get used more than likely. Either the woman gets plated or the guy gets turned into a beta orbiter. Both genders of top 20ish percent attraction are spinning plates let's be real.

    People really need to understand their actual place in the dating hierarchy and have reasonable standards. Last but not least if the average man and woman actually did more work on themselves and actually be more attractive and actually really understand the prior point we wouldn't have the majority of men and women chasing the minority of the opposing gender and low and behold be more realistic with their partner choices. If you are an average dude don't be shocked you are going to be dating curvy Christine. If you are an average woman you are not going to lock down exciting Eric. Be happy with Boring Barry and call it a day.

    Everyone wants a hot partner but we aren't all going to get one.. Dating is not an amazon cart with same day delivery of Thor to your door step or Black widow guys and gals.

  13. A woman of any age if she’s in pretty good shape could still get sex, but it’s also kind of meaningless. Finding a guy who is willing to spend his life with you, well that’s a different story. I honestly think it’s hard for both men and women and technology made it worse because people aren’t as social as they used to be. Technology made more humans lonelier.

  14. I think we need to get over terms like incels and look at the broader prospect of masculinity, modern feminism and mariage, dating and hook-up culture and culture as a whole. There are alot of things contributing to this

  15. "Slut shaming is another example of how women try to control the sexual behaviour of females. Again, most slut shaming comes from women, not men." – Chris Williamson.

    What intellect and wisdom are we going to hear next. This is a guy who describes a lot of his guests as friends although I would say they are more acquaintances than friends and would highly doubt that they need Chris in their life.

    Again, absolutely no proof of this. The majority of users on Reddit are male for example and every day I see examples of men slut shaming women, EVERY F******g DAY but Chris obviously knows better. There is an art reddit and if a female artist posts a pic of herself beside her art the amount of misogyny and slut shaming that woman gets from male users is unreal.

    Here's another theory, men are in these circles and hear what other men say about women, the slut shaming, the rape jokes etc., so they come away from that feeling intense shame, shame is a funny emotion as people need to shift that shame on to someone else in order to feel better. Chris described a former friend as a slut on one of his podcasts and couldn't understand why this person was now in a happy relationship. Let me put it to you that Chris himself holds these very opinions about women, feels shame because of it and wishes to shift the blame to others. Get your own house in order before blaming others.

  16. I don’t want to speak out of ignorance here, but i don’t think that female incel can exist. Once you understand what involuntarily celibate actually means, i just don’t see how women qualify. If a women is celibate it’s either because she choses to (for whatever reason), and that of course is no longer involuntarily, or she is way too picky (which i believe most women are nowadays) and can’t find the man that can fulfil all her crazy demands, this again is not involuntarily. So basically, if a woman is celibate it’s because she choses to be, which is the opposite of being involuntarily celibate.
    ‘Men sleep with whoever they can, women sleep with whoever they want. The men that can’t, will never get to, but the women who wouldn’t/won’t, can and will at anytime. Fundamental difference.

  17. Am I the only guy who finds some women repulsive enough that I'd never sleep with them? I feel like the idea that most men will sleep with anyone is a bit of a myth. We definitely do have a much lower threshold than women do, though.

  18. A female Incel just means they can’t get a guy who is a 6’ 5 male model billionaire entrepreneur. Plain and simple. They can literally get any other type of guy. In other words they can never actually be lonely or sexless.

    There is no being depressed sitting around on a weekend wishing you had a date. There is no rejection to deal with.

    I setup a fake dating profile once to prove this. Before I even uploaded the photo, the inbox had over 50 messages. That’s over 50 messages in less than 10 minutes. All of them were being thirsty as hell.

    Loneliness in men has skyrocketed. And it’s only going to get worse. It’s sickens me when these dunces complain that there are no good men. Or all they want is sex and that’s it.

    Yeah sure. You only have a plethora of guys that would sell their soul to satan just to get one damn date for a night.

  19. Isn't that really insulting to sex workers? They've been telling us it's a totally reasonable and healthy job to be in but this guy is saying they are fighting not to vomit. Wouldn't that sort of thing cause mental harm?

  20. I mean, sexual attraction matters, but it’s not the basket you want to put all your eggs in. You will get ugly. Your SO will get ugly. Your intimacy should be of the sort that you can set aside such childish notions of your SO that you can still put all your love and commitment in being a great spouse for them regardless of the ups and downs. But people today think it’s all about emotion and attraction. But it’s that and so, so much more. Hence the vows.

  21. I have genuinely seen a girl working as a cashier at Walmart that was absolutely a incel and complementing me on my very muscular looks and power. However, I’m a overweight fat dude that sits around all day and wears a stained shirt. She wanted some D so bad it hurt. I was kinda scared and didn’t know how to respond. I hope she didn’t end up in a bad spot.

  22. A female incel is just a feminist. All that man-hating, cynical, self-pitying speech is just the same thing mainstream feminists have been saying for decades. "I hate men." "Men are all the same." Those ways of thinking and even saying it out loud has been completely normalized and mainstream for as long as I remember, back into the 1980s.

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