Is This A JOKE?? “Let’s Go Brandon!” Now BANNED?!

As Southwest Airlines announces an investigation after a pilot reportedly told passengers “Let’s go Brandon”, why has the meme faced such a backlash?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Sorry, Russell. This take is pretty poor. Comparing banning political speech on an emergency line with an actor doing political speech in an entertainment venue? The CNN discussion was them discussing that issue along with someone sharing their political opinions at work. Banning political speech (or really any extraneous speech) on an emergency frequency makes sense to me.
    Anyway, "Let's Go Brandon" deserves the same eye-rolling that "F Drumpf" and the like does, and the liberals and leftists I know- and I encounter a lot of them- may disagree with the sentiment but no one is talking about banning it.

  2. maybe the pilot is tailoring each flight to his passengers….you're telling me there was not one Brandon on the flight? Find one Brandon and all charges should be dropped (like Kyle Rittenhouse's charges)

  3. The Problem isn't what let's go Brandon means, if people were saying fuck Joe Biden the new left wouldn't give a crap really. The problem is the left isn't funny anyone, they can't connect with real people; their killing comedy, censoring jokes and "canceling" people even for things they did 10 years before it was "wrong". Let's go Brandon is the new right showing they're funny and in touch with real people. Let's go Brandon has connected!

  4. It's refreshing that a person who is more to the liberal side will call out the ridiculousness of this "news" about a sitting president being mocked in a way that doesn't include a swear word. Cursing chants and personal attacks on the last president and his family, without evidence most of the time, was supported and propagated on their national platforms.

  5. american civil war number two began when a democratically elected president was met with 'not my president' + untrue stories and slights every moment of the day for 4 years on him and his family. What the eff did the dumb dems expect – forgiveness?

  6. Many American's will say it anyway and the cops would love to join in, but you know, visuals. The pilot said it 2 weeks before that low life reporter ever set foot on a SW flight. She's a liar.

  7. Ironic how Brand says people on both sides of the aisle are saying "Noo, I love Donald Trump, Noo I hate Donald Trump" but NOBODY says "Noo I love Joe Biden". lol

    Seems a bit Freudian, huh!?

    And Fuck De Niro! If you like De Niro, you actually just like the movies they write for him, because he is the same character in everything he does. He can't act, he can read scripts, just like he did at the Tony's. And to see that little man and mental midget get a standing ovation, just shows how organized that cabal is.

  8. I am a Radical Anarchist Atheist. Unfortunately I am also a 67 year old grandmother. Therein lies my problem. Soooo it's all in my head now. I am also a Kitchen Witch, so I am fairly well rounded, in spite of this completely insane ruling class and their horribly ignorant followers. I must also add that I am obsessively peaceful and kind, but that's just who I am!

  9. The actors. Or famous people making a point to say something against a sitting president in a large audience is tacky. With zero standards re their obvious power differential. I think it’s poor ethical standards.

  10. “ Let’s Go Brandon “ Legitimizes “ Fxxx Joe Biden “ and the Horse He Rode In On. I have my Let’s Go Brandon T – Shirt and although I Hate Rap and Hip Hop Non-Music, I may actually buy the Let’s Go Brandon Rap Song That Got to #1.

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