Is Ukraine About to be Invaded?

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  1. The Russians and the USSR have always held exercises in that area. The topography of Ukraine is well suited to armoured invasion, in either direction.
    Hence the Russians train and hold reserves where they expect to have to fight.
    The Russians also know the wests air power out performs theirs.
    Hence their air defences, in the form of the S300, S400 and S500 push 500 over their border into Europe.
    Understandably they have no intention of allowing any European force to get to the outskirts of Moscow this time.
    Are they paranoid, quite probably but just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

  2. One Province Minor challenge as Ukraine when neighbouring Great Power has a really good Diplomat that is cranking Aggressive Expansion down really fast and you can't secure an alliance with Britain.

  3. Just another point, Russia relies heavily on oil and gas revenue but it is building more pipelines into China, 2 are fully operating 1 is under construction and several more are planned.
    A battle plan for Russia if NATO gets too rowdy is to turn off supplies to Europe then using their very effective longe range cruise missiles and conventional surface to surface missiles hit every refinery and oil well in the mid East and Europe. None of which have an effective air defence against missiles.
    At that point NATO and Europe have 30 days before fully finding to a halt but civil disorder would hit within 2 weeks.
    The Russians in contrast have a air defence network around theirs and have done for years.

  4. No it isn't. It is Nato and the West that have breached Russian borders in the passed year. It is they who are prodding the bear to react. The troops on the border are a defence force and they will react if they have to. The USA and Britain will set this in motion and then leave the Ukrainian's in the shit. There have been skirmishes for years on both sides of the border mainly from militia groups. Nato is now using this as if it is something new and unfounded. Like Covid it is just more propaganda.

  5. There was a referendum in Crimea and around 90% voted to join Russia… Anyways Crimea was already like 80% Russian 6% tatar and the rest Ukrainian…transnistria is gangsters paradise…

  6. Russian here. On the subject of Holodomor:
    Look, I hate Communists and I will not defend their actions, but it wasn't "Genocide". "Genocide" implies that a certain ethnic group was targeted.
    It was not.

    Holodomor was created as a way to turn living people into cash. While our people were starving all over the country (not just the Ukrainian part of it), food was sold to other countries.

    Unforgiveable? Yes.
    A crime? Yes.
    Motivated by hatred of the Ukrainians? No.

  7. well, guys, as a Russian ukranian I would say – thank you for your great effort. Whatever I would like to send you to read an old good book by Samuel Phillips Huntington – Clash of Civilisations, which you look like steeped to read.
    Nothing better than old good book

  8. The people of Ukraine have the right to self determination if 45% see them selves as Russian and 55% Ukrainian the country should spit otherwise war is look to be likely

  9. "We made no guarantees to Ukraine." Well actually we signed the Budapest Memorandum on Security Assurances. Not a legal binding pledge unfortunately, but if I was Ukraine I would be feeling shafted by the West and wishing I'd kept the nukes.

  10. If Ukraine joins NATO it will cost them main naval base in Crimea, which will be the biggest military loss for Russia strategically in decades.
    NATO are backing Putin into a corner with little option but to strike.
    And Putin is a real leader, not like the fools Biden and Johnson.

    Its a dangerous game that NATO are playing, and it will cost some UK soldiers and SF Operatives their lives

  11. Quite annoyed at your coverage

    I would have thought you would be more neutral but you too biased against Russia

    The eastern provinces of Ukraine that are heavily Russian citizens were persecuted by the new Ukrainian government

    and so they seek to independence and Russia may or may not have given support (quite frankly relevant)

    Ukraine immediately cut off utility supplies to Crimean and and then they wonder why Crimean had a referendum and asked to join the Russian Federation

    and Russia graciously accepted them

    Could the election of being fairer certainly

    but compared to Biden rigged elections Crimean one was a lot more fairer

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