Is Ukraine outgunned? CNN reports on state of Russia’s war

With Russia poised to encircle the strategically significant city of Severodonetsk in Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region within days, CNN’s Matthew Chance reports on the state of Russia’s invasion. #CNN #News

Written by CNN


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  1. People starving all over the world and Biden and Congress can only see giving $60 billion to the corrupt Ukrainian oligarchs who will sell the weapons on the blackmarket. Stop fueling the fight. Stop the war and stop the military industrial complex and the oiligarchs- the true face of capitalism.

  2. Will the US Democratic Biden administration kill Ukraine! If you don't send an unlimited number of 300 kilometers of Hymers multiple rocket launchers, you'll be overwhelmed by Russia's communist dictator Putin! Germany is importing crude oil without fulfilling any of its oral promises! It's a treason!

  3. Anyone here done the research to know that they we’re only outgunned but outsmarted by the Russian who used a fraction of their numbers to cut down the Nazi defenders like weeds

  4. but you wont show how ukienazis just shelled a women's hospital in the east while ppl were inside or the continued shelling in the east killing there own ppl nor that they shelled a russian town but yeah im sure they promise not to strike into russia

  5. don't worry too much. call biden to ask for more money. I guarantee that biden will agree because he is afraid of losing face when he has to lose for putin.

  6. Russia needs to be stopped, slapped and sent home with their tails between their legs. The whole wide world is in grave danger if this isn’t ended now so the everyone can get on with living, and not this unwelcome intruding madness. No one needs a bully in this age, so please kindly stop it.

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