Is Your Privacy An Illusion? (Taking on Big Tech) – Smarter Every Day 263

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  1. I need to know about the mouse musketeer at the end of your video, I have a vage memory from my chioldhood about someone forging a painting by Rubens, and hiding a mouse musketeer somewhere in that painting as a makers mark. i snipped the mouse and did a google image search but found nothing… please do tell 🙂

  2. Whats creepy is when you have a conversation with another person "within ear shot" of your phone. And within minutes your Facebook, amazon, and web browser is showing you exactly what you just talked about.

  3. 9.11 WAS <————–it realy realy WAS a inside job 😉 BTW WTF smarter every day acts on emotions ????? dond try to fool me ur to smart for emotional desitions
    or am i wrong ?

  4. Hmmmm…But if we are the product in the current internet, driven by the old privacy invading engine, who or what will be the product in the new internet, driven by the new privacy respecting engine? I mean, someone has to pay for all these fancy and convenient services, right?

  5. George Bush Jr initiated phone tapping on American citizens after he and his family staged the 911 events and blamed it all on foreign enemies. Not only was this a motive to go back into Saddam's territory for oil, but it was also an excuse to tap the phone lines of millions U S. citizens. Did they care? Evidently not. Furthermore, Americans have became so naive to their own privacy invasion that they could care less about Siri, Google, Amazon, Alexa and other eavesdropping devices. Sure, call me a conspiracy theorist. Remember that next time when your on-line activities are being monitored or your bank habits are tracked and surveillanced. Ever wonder how something suddenly pops up over your computer or phone just hours or days after you had mentioned it? Americans no longer have privacy since the days of surrendering it.

  6. Not surprised at all privacy is a meaningless word these days, every single punch at keyboard records no matter what, welcome to the digital world

  7. One fact not touched upon in the video is that you don't need the government or a leak to spy on an individual. Your data gets sold to third parties daily, and some of them aggregate so much 'anonymous' info, that by just plugging in a few parameters like 'people that spend the night in this area' (your home) + 'people that spend the day in this other area' (your office) + 'people that have these specific interests' (sports, hobbies, bars, coffee shops we know you go to, etc) we can have a full 'anonymous' log of your life.

  8. This is a great project. Yes I did make a donation. You need to put out an update to keep this in the forefront. Once a month just a short video to keep interest going and introduce new viewers to the project. Thanks

  9. It’s true destin I can say something around my phone and it’s not even the next day and I can see an advertisement for the same thing. Or even be watching something on YouTube on sombody else’s television and I can see the same things on my phone…. they have AI in every new phone and it’s just getting smarter and smarter and I can show you an advertisement that I have seen of a robot arm with a fryer basket that has chicken nuggets so does that mean robots will soon take over all of our jobs and I have never and I mean never seen an advertisement for cooking untill I started working at Burger King and I had my phone in my pocket while I was working

  10. I'm only into this video 8 minutes!…
    And I think it's one of the best & most important videos you've ever done!!!
    Thank you smarter everyday for doing it, keep up the great work your doing.

  11. Something else that would be a big game changer is have a app that breaks down terms of service in a much easier format to read because we all know that what is in the terms of service is about 10% of what you need the know and the rest is ether legal or filler to make it so you don't read it

  12. I've never pledged for anything before. Never felt like anything out there was worth it. Until now! I have a great feeling about this and my gut instincts have yet to be wrong. 😉

  13. "I have nothing to hide, why should I care?"
    It's not about being a criminal that you should worry about. What happens when the government or companies ever decide to prosecute individuals, fire or not hire individuals based on political stances or off color jokes you make or even based on what companies you choose to do business with?
    The next thing I want to point out is, give it up. We can't stop this from happening. We're just sheep in a world run by wolves. And it's because of us sheep that these wolves take control over and over with every revolution.

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