Israeli attacks in Syria EXPOSED as bombs smash Aleppo | Redacted with Clayton Morris

Israel is provoking Syria into war with brutal attacks on Syria’s civilian centers and Aleppo’s airport. Will Syria cave to Israel’s games?

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Written by Redacted


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  1. I don't comment often, but I have to say that I have been following your channel for a while and my morning/day cannot start without getting my Redacted fix. Thank you.

  2. Simply put, Iran is using the airports to bring in weapons to be used against Israel.
    This is likely the reason for the future destruction of Damascus.
    Isaiah 17:1 KJV
    The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

  3. Something very few are aware of. Putin and Assad had and agreement with Bibi to target terrorist orgs. The forced Ukraine/Russia alliance destroyed the Russia/Israel relationship. Putin was very protective of Israel for reasons dating back to his childhood it’s a very interesting story

  4. From Pine Gap Australia we track most missions from every country & even if a missile is launched around the world. Why aren’t we talking about the massive build up of North Korean Troops in Saratov Oblast, Russia readiness to go to Ukraine

  5. Are you kidding me!!!! Israel does these air strikes on the airport runways because Iran is bringing weapons of destruction into these areas. A regime that says that they will destroy Israel any chance they get. I do not know who this woman is that you are interviewing but she has NO clue what she is talking about. Israel always gives a heads up before attacking so that there are no civilian lives lost. Please get your facts straight before spreading your antisemitism.

  6. It’s not a crime against humanity when the airports are targeted and not civilians. The Iranians have control now and are bringing in weapons. Cant pass this off as Syrians being the victims, government is harboring Iranian criminals that are hell-bent on destroying Israel. They’d sacrifice their own citizens. 🙏

  7. I like some of the things you put out on this channel, but this lady is absolutely ridiculous. Israel does not want to be in charge they want to be in peace. Looks like lady does not know the Bible or Jesus. Need to get a little more history, maybe some archaeology some genealogy. Hesbolah (however spelled) is all over the border of Israel, Iran is bringing in weapons because Russia pulled out and their now a pact.

  8. Isaiah 17: 1-2, 9, and 14; says Israel will make Damascus, Syria a ruinous heap and it will be uninhabitable, just like Sodom and Gomorrah. Damascus will be destroyed in one day, probably by a nuclear detonation. Biblical prophecy is alive and converging.

  9. Why?

    Interesting but also mind boggling if peace and stability is the long term objective?

    Makes no sense unless it's all about something nobody except those involved know about…

    Great reporting!👍


  10. Where is the Media? Where is the truth? Probably the same place they were on March 24, 1933 When Judeans (Khazars) Officially and collectively Declared war on Germany for no legitimate reason. that you never heard about and this historical fact is never mentioned . Ever. Like the USS Liberty ship Israel attacked and even our Navy Covered it up t was part of it.

  11. Israel is doing what it is meant to do. Pray that the time comes soon for We seek salvation, but pray for your enemies, for you fear God above all. Our father may punish or brethren for their sin, and if we love jesus and God the father with all our heart, we wish for their salvation from his wrath.
    This is the wish of my lord Jesus Christ, our king to come, and who is, and who has always been. Amen

  12. I used to think this was a good channel not sure you tell the truth the only truth out there is that jesus christ is king of kings and lords of lords he is coming and it's time to repent for our sins he loves us all and is our only hope there will be no peace until jesus returns.

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