Israeli Data for the 4th Dose | How Good Is It? | Make Bourla Earn His Pay

Vinay Prasad, MD MPH; Physician & Associate Professor

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  1. I think you make some good points, thank you for going over this paper for us. I had a question though. You mention residual confounding based on the types of people who rush to get the 4th dose. Since it is not a randomized trial, isn't it also possible that early improvements that are impossible to be from the vaccine functionally could be from placebo effect? Did they mention anything about potential effect of placebo in this study?

  2. They have been lacking in all the studies. Pfizer could have easily added a blood test to the 5-11 year old clinical trial to test for myocarditis in kids and Pfizer did not. That is very frustrating considering Pfizer ran such a small trial (1,518 vaccinated kids with 1,591 added near the end of the trial).

  3. Your podcast is new to me. I appreciate the message and the approach you have taken to deliver a much-needed summary regarding representative industries and bureaucracies that protect from view such inadequate follow-through and also closely held information that must be on hand. I will be looking for more of your welcome work.

  4. What's data in comparison with PROFIT and AGENDA? Unfortunately, I had two shots. Had I known there would be mandates, I would have had zero shots. No more. I no longer trust the FDA at all. Too many of their people have been forced to quit in protest. I believe the FDA is a regulatory captured agency.

  5. I can't thank you enough for all the time you have taken to cover these super important issues. Sadly, until a bunch of people get inexplicably sick wanting answers, nobody seems to care any more, heck, the majority never really did. It astounds me to this day that people willingly jabbed themselves with a drug with ZERO long term data, NONE. Understanding the devastating effect of chronic illness on people's lives, it floors me to see how easily everyone accepts the blaringly obvious failure of the system to check itself. Unbridled profits have completely superceded the importance of proper protocol.

  6. I’m over fifty and won’t even get my first. I had covid in the very beginning. I work in a place where I am in contact with lots of people. Didn’t get delta. Didn’t get omicron either. Natural immunity works why are we not talking about that?

  7. Vinya, come on man. They're showing more people in the hospital after the vax then before, hmm, what's the common factor amongst all of them? They actually got the vax, man., Come on.

  8. Why though? Why are they not pushing them to run the appropriate studies? Why are they so adamant about getting these vaccines in us? I just have a hard time trusting any of this.

  9. You didn't mention the internal control group, I'm not experienced enough to know whether it is 'good enough' as a falsification test. But I don't know why you wouldn't mention it.

  10. Excellent analysis.
    There are so many unanswered questions. How serious is Omicron to begin with? Do we need this now? What are the other impacts on health of all this boosting? And why is the FDA suggesting boosters of Moderna based on incomplete Pfizer data?

  11. Can you provide convincing evidence that viruses even exist? I've seen many health professionals including molecular biologists and virologists that claim viruses do not exist and cannot cause disease.

  12. Take the biggest eras of pHarma profiteering and we see the same MO only more bold more efficient more marketed more corrupting and more profitable and with minimizing measures for liability.

    SSRI$, opiate$, antipsychotics, ADD, cancer chemotherapy, dementia, antimicrobials (kill it all kill microbiome outer and inner and all.

    Medical and pHarma device implants, allergies – skin reactions- autoimmunity (the biggest failure of Dr Falsey and NIADH 30 year multibillion dollar pay to play reign of rackets) vaqzeens and gene modification rna chemotherapy of flu like illnesses suspiciously overlapping with the venom antivenom rackets (any pet owner paying for multiple maximally profitable vials of snake venom can attest).


  13. Cont'd

    What does meta-analysis of medical literature, academic detailing, and lawsuits against pHarma, hospital groups, HMOs and so called regulators and crony capitalism around disease promoting iatrogenic industry show?

    Fraud, control fraud, underpowered stats, over promising of benefits, underplaying of side effects, gross and toxic over prescribing, willful negligent oblivion over near misses, payola, vanity over virtue, profits over public health and safety, the worst radicals move up.

    The best, most conscientious, decent and most institutionally astute get forced out, disparaged and broken, and evidence based insurance paid gov & industry funded and approved interventions are amongst the top 3 to top 6 leading causes of serious injury and death and one the leading consistent growth sectors of US GDP up their with pollution, combustion and industrial mechanized genocidal and murder known as endless wars.


  14. Cont'd

    Selling blood products of we the wanton people is both national and export business with the sharpest increase in growth and profits amongst the vampiric corporate and investment privateering caste.
    Where and how do THEY get sooo much blood these DAZE?
    How good is it's testing? Why do so many at the top use them as a pyrrhic fountain of youth?

    The oldest but suddenly looking oh so much older all seem to be less human, less sharp, more frail and faulty. Cosmetic enhancement has a very very dangerous daemonic side and its sucking away a lot of talent resources for the most superficial and damnable ends

    Medical- Lab testing and faulty underwhelming costly polluting protection equipment rackets are right up there too.

    The amount of fraud contracting spending those trillions these past 5 years is so high so pervasive and so unaccountable is has to be born of these aforementioned stakeholders misled by the 1% and their compradors, families, and other collaborators.

    But it exceeds expectations for Black Rock Vanguard State St Bain Capital Quantum Fund Berkshire Hathaway and billionaire "nonprofit" 501c3 foundations with a better than average success in arbitrage stock puts short and long.

    What we are seeing is the transformation of this host and many like him as they come to terms with their legacy despite all they once stood for but can no longer countenance.

    This fissure of the self for physicians is most remarkable as they are amongst the most vested in career development and most trusted. Lawyers politicians dropping out like zapped insects too.

    I can't imagine what is happening at the biggest PR perception management crises mediation firms.

    NDAs or the unAmerican unlawful immoral non disclosure agreements, noncompete clauses, corporate state biased mediation settlement sealed and kept out of court discovery and the juries hands and the abomination that is patent law and granting are the most underreported maligned realms of the 1% or, how the few fool and rule the many foolable et al.

    Good to see the doctor doing better at being good. He's got a big gloomy and robust mountain ahead, B$ Mountain..
    like a hobbit destined to the fiery bowels of Mt Doom. Hope he has a solid band of brothers to help him get there.

    We have your back!
    Were all in this together kid!
    We're all on the same ship of fools now.

  15. Could it well be because the public funded FDA is now heavily funded by private industries, soon to be completely privately funded, hmmm, now that might have some something to do with all of it. As they say, money, money, money = corruption and we all know what's been going on.

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