Israeli Government Hides Vaccine Data From Public – Leaked Internal Video Reveals

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Written by Tony Lin


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  1. As the months pass it gets worse and worse.
    Tony Lin you are a good person. You never tell falsehoods and everything you say comes to pass.
    Thanks brother. God bless and good luck 👍👍👍💕

  2. Tony thank you so much for sharing and doing this research 🧐 we are praying for you to keep safe to carry on the good work we love you very much and appreciate all you present to us blessings from Durham England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Gary and Kaye

  3. I guess everyone reacts differently to newly discovered " vaccines " I've been closely watching,reading all I can find Worldwide for the last 2 years.
    How Countries and their " leaders" dealt with this " accidentally escaped " virus. Africa…. the Zulu Tribes REFUSED to be
    " vaccinated " !!! Even they
    " smelled a rat " !!!!
    First they told people only those fitting the criteria would be "eligible" to
    get their " life saving vaccine" first ….this made most people panic,line up like 🐑and Want it .Shortly into this World Mass " vaccination " attempt,Government now becomes Pushy for people to take this
    " government" goes from bribing to demanding,even Forcing people to take this " vaccine " The unvaccinated become excluded…even Persecuted !
    Giving thought to Germany's …..and the World's History….WE should KNOW that
    Man is capable HORRIFIC things !!!
    I NEVER Trusted any of this CORRUPT SH.. that these DIRTBAGS tried to pull off !! I followed what Virologist Dr.Sucharit Bhakti was saying over two years ago when he Warned Us about the Dangers of Spike Proteins causing blood clots and other SERIOUS SIDE EFFECTS !! HE and others like him were PUBLICLY DEFAMIERT, Threatened,some even left Germany. Sept 2022 and MILLIONS of " vaccines " later that have been bestowed upon humanity by coercion and force,we SEE SERIOUS Side Effects….even Sudden
    " unexplained " post " vaccine" Deaths of previous healthy Young people have been reported !!! Yet….the 🐑🐑🐀🐀
    are now lining up for F….ng 4th and 5th
    " boosters " ?????????????Brain ?????
    1 + 1=2 !!! I DO NOT UNDERSTAND HOW so many people took this WITHOUT Questioning a thing !!! Covid " measures" destroyed our old Life. I sold my Miami house, TOTALLY DOWNSIZED,have not worked in my Profession of 19yrs RN for over 2 yrs. I will NEVER take this EXPERIMENTAL HUMAN TRIAL
    " vaccine " voluntarily !!
    I have NEVER in my Life felt this THREATENED by my own
    " government " !! I'm packing so leave me alone !!

  4. In My humble opinion….this was the
    Bio Weapon trial run of a Lab created virus which
    "accidentally escaped " and Killed Globally !! ALL involved ought to go to Guillotine !!!!

  5. OMG I am thinking about how funny / sad this is all going to be as the media has to expose this all. When the normies come to us with their research and say, Tony knew all along and then they are going to explain to us how this all was done. I will be like- Get me the Jumbo size popcorn. No wait. 2 of those with double better.

  6. Incredible, the drug companies are sponsoring just about every media Outlet in the world no wonder none of these side effects came out to the public it's a crime against humanity those people should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law it probably won't happen but let's keep our fingers crossed

  7. Yeah , because they don’t want people to know about the snake venom in it .. remember they kept saying it was from bats nope , it was from snakes .. yes it’s all about Nanotechnology .. I watch a video about Nanotechnology and how the vaccine comes together

  8. From being a called a killer, Spreader of death and disease, called the virus of the unvaccinated, to not worthy of a transplant because you won't get a vaccine! Pretty clear cut who is actually the demon here. Still no jab for me and three years later not being called a killer or spreader of death! Family finally waking up to the fact they were fooled! Oh foolish ones, how long must be with you before you realize the end is near. The Lord will return soon. These foolish ones will believe anything pretty much obviously been once, once more will work using "monkey pox".

  9. Dr Fraud Fauci is laughing all the way to the 💰💰Bank💰 💰while whistling and dancing to the Compton av money dance song. 🎶🎶 do the money dance🎶🎶 do the money dance 🎶🎶under his scientific breath the Fraud Fauci mumbles callously, "Enjoy Your Side Effects Suckers" while riding off into the sunset of retirement still whistling, dancing and counting his money.. see yt for compton ave money dance song.. Do the money dance-Do the money dance, Very safe and very effective the money dance, "Fauci Style"

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