Will we see another ‘counter protest’ tomorrow?

Daniel Andrews has maintained all week that 90% of Victoria is with him, not the protestors, and the ‘evidence’ is the 90% double dose rate.

I think we all need to take some math lessons, an eyesight test, and an MRI to ascertain proper brain function.

This is a segment from a full interview with Acting Senior Sergeant Krystle Mitchell of Victoria Police:

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Covid Red Pills via Telegram
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  1. We hear you in the USA 🇺🇸 my Aussie friends 🇦🇺!!!! HOLD the LINE!!! You are absolutely right that it’s about government control— Dr. Mary Talley Bowden, MD of Houston, TX is making headlines here about protocols for keeping pt.’s with covid out of the hospitals all together— she has a 100% success rate treating thousands of patients… if governments wish to ‘follow the science’ they’d be following the science that makes people well ❤❤ Stay strong! We’re praying for you!

  2. Not one person i have spoken to in the past few months likes dan, they all hate him and want him to go. It's what happens when you force people to take / do something or face losing their job.

  3. Dan is claiming 90% vaccinated are supporting him, but the majority of the vaccinated are so angry at him for forcing them to get the jab to keep their jobs and food on the table, that is why the freedom matches are so enormous in Victoria.

  4. Protests ONLY get violent when Police turn up with an intent to kettle, hurt, assault, shoot and injure and falsely arrest peaceful innocent..simple..otherwise they just chant and walk until they are tired and go home…never ever forgive nor forget what Dan and his WILLING henchmen have done to the people…NEVER..

  5. The more the government ignores us, the more the media lies about us and the worse this coercion gets, the bigger these marches are going to be.
    Because most people who got the job did it to be left alone.
    And we're not being left alone.

    We got the job and we still had lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccine passports, travel restrictions and booster after booster.
    This will just keep growing,

  6. Its becoming scary in Victoria, too scary. Speak to anyone and NO ONE STANDS with one. I seriously dont know 1 single person who likes him these days. Those who did hate him now.

    BUT if you read the corproate news they will tell you the opposite. That people love him. The GAS Lighting is very real atm and seriously the manipulation and govt propaganda is right out of the CCP handbook.

    And who is a former hardcore uni socialist and CCP lover? Who wanted to sell us out the CCP? Who is currently acting like a megalomaniac?

    I was warned about Andrews 5 years ago and i didnt belive it, nope, now i do.

  7. Forecast for the coming election, Andrews will most likely win by a small margin. This is how its done behind the scenes. Big margin fake, small margin it was close and no one will suspect anything else

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