It All Comes Crumbling Down…


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  1. There’s no referral for criminal charges because there’s no laws violated. You can’t charge somebody when they haven’t done anything wrong. Liz Cheney doesn’t understand this she thinks her hate is enough to charge somebody for a crime.

  2. If only the Democrats knew what the streisand effect is. If they did, they would know the best way to beat Donald Trump IS TO STOP TALKING ABOUT HIM! The more they highlight Trump, the more support he gets because the current administration is so bad. Has there ever been an administration in American history to attack a former president so viciously? Rather than fixing the economy that they destroyed, and cleaning up our world image, they rather continue to say mean things about Donald Trump >_>. This is why they are losing in every poll.

  3. As I said….when you host a witch hunt….the goal is to burn a witch. The raid on Mar-a-Lago was just a vain attempt to get evidence of any kind of wrong doings. It will show nothing other than what they fabricate.
    It would be interesting if they even put 1% of that effort into investigating Hunter.

  4. At this point it’s just plain stupid they focus all their energy on Trump with everything else that’s been going on. If anything Biden is probably worth investigating but they don’t wanna talk about that

  5. The idiot’s seem to forget he was Acquitted by congress due to fabricated/Altered evidence and all the evidence ( Videos, Tweets,Messages) was the same evidence as the Jan 6th impeachment trial

  6. Because the select committee was only for magnification of TDS. Its was to whip up the base. Tar & feather show for the brainwashed.
    And all to try stop Trump running in 2024. That's all it is.
    They needed to win in 2020. They had shit to finish. It's no coincidence that the Ukraine & China are at the centre. Biden spent 8 years as vice president being the front man for these two exact areas.
    That power base was livid that Trump was elected. He faltered thier agenda that had taken nearly a decade setting wheels in motion. Wheels they thought couldn't be stopped via any other power base.
    So they've some time to make up, hence all going to shit with 18 months. Its deliberate.

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