It Begins!

As Donald Trump and Elon Musk exchange insults, what is the alleged spat really about, and how are the media framing it? #trump #elonmusk #twitter

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Musk is a con man. Even Trump knows it and he's no slouch when it comes to conning. Trump is an honest con man. He'll tell you when he's gonna do it. Elon is a coward and a psychopath.

    All they care about is themselves. Correctly said at the end.

  2. The mass media IS the enemy.
    Mr. Rogers said… TV is a chance for us to build a community a true invest community. But instead we let the corrupt and greedy use media to destroy society and rule over us


  4. Elon made his point – these platforms do nothing and make money for doing nothing. Twitter claims it is platform – a voice for the people. He highlighted the issues that they only have time for the issues they want to promote. Lazy journalism. Elon, you have better use for your money than this circus. They clearly now want your money! Hilarious – run for the hills.

  5. Can’t call Elon the king when his competition is banned.
    What did Trump say that isn’t true?
    If Elon’s projects are dependent upon government subsidies, his knees probably have calluses and it ain’t from attending church ⛪️

  6. I love Trump he’s funny and he will turn America around if they let him….we all know what a mess Biden has done. All the good work trump did for America for the demon rats to come and reck the place. Put the poor old man Biden in a care home….And his handles should go to jail.

  7. Russel, please make a video on how Russia is saying they’re going to take Alaska back, if there’s enough available info. Thank you!

  8. It's far past time we replaced most of the government with a computer program to manage the national budget. Build it and they will come. Once people see that the new way works the old way will just disappear like vapor. Just look how much Email and Social media has changed the world. Obviously, we cant replace the diplomats with a computer program but as far as making financial decisions go – if it's good enough to serve as my bank manager it's good enough to manage the national budget. Build it and they WILL come.

  9. The fact that so many MSM culture bots blame RB for being RB and saying the zany things RB says, in precisely the way RB says them just might mean there’s something to what RB says that says something.

  10. The problem is in reality "Everybody wants to rule the world". Tyrants will be born. As a citizen, you have to at least choose the one that has the biggest balls to protect the country/place where you live in. One that is conscientious enough to protect global peace no matter what. That should be a common interest. Consciously or subconsciously, you would want a safe place for yourself and your family.

    Imagine being invaded by a tyrant. Regardless of how kind you are as a human, you have to protect the people you love before ANYONE ELSE. No one is ready till it happens in front of their eyes.

    You have to support the leaders that promote peace. But to have peace, you have to enforce law and order. However, in order to to be able to enforce it, you have to have power. Nothing is free!

    At the end of the day, this life is survival, whether you like it or not. Participate or not, you still need to survive on a day-to-day basis.

  11. Bruh glad RB spoke on dis gotta love dis YTC keep doin u fam respect it entertainment unbiase info gangsta no cap lol stay safe RIP John Caan William Hart pray for our world BLM God bless checkout the band The Main Squeeze 🙏

  12. YouTube is stopping me from advocating for victims of injustice and disasters… I am military veteran who served during Operation Iraqi Freedom to defend Americans and their allies from all threats foreign and domestic… I have been writing non-explicit and non-offensive comments to provide resources for people who need advice and help because of police misconduct and hate crimes… They have been deleting my comments but allow criminals and other users to post drugs, violence, and criminal activity. This is because YouTube wishes to encourage criminal activity and unethical behavior and suppress resources and advice honest people need. It's unethical and illegal to destroy the constitutional rights of American citizens… Why would they destroy the constitutional rights of our military veterans who wish to provide positive help for society?
    The United States government describes terrorism as "anyone who destroys the constitutional rights of others, for the purpose of intimidation, racism, hate crimes or personal or selfish political agendas"
    With this information I can honestly state, without a reasonable doubt, that YouTube is a terrorist organization.

    I have reported them and hopefully YouTube will have to explain in front of a Grand Jury why their company is destroying the US Constitution and supporting criminal activity…

  13. When we break the working class into "left" and "right" without differentiating it from the political class' "left" and "right" and the capitalists who own them we disarm ourselves and commit political seppuku.

    WORKERS ONLY STRENGTH IS IN THEIR NUMBERS, and radical leftists/socialists, therefore, have the duty to help them to unify as far as possible.

    In France we got a glimpse of this winning formula. Frankly, the only winning formula: President Macron's vaccine passports were defeated through a joint effort of the anti-establishment left and the anti-establishment right.

    The establishment is synonymous with predatory, rentier monopoly capitalism; with the ruling class – the working class' sworn enemy. An attack on one, regardless of our differences and hard to swallow biases, is an attack on all of us.

    Because, if you are working class your interest is in socialism, whether you realize it right now or not. – Joti Brar, deputy leader Workers Party, UK, communist.

    …and it doesn't have to be, nor should be, doctrinaire.

  14. You know you made me realise something Russel
    When the big 1% of world(like bill gates or mark rutte and etc) get honest critical qeustions or concerns from people.
    They wave it off as a ''conspiracy theory'' and often say we are crazy. but in reality its a reflection what they are doing themselves.
    They use the words ''conspiracy theory'' (unconsciously) because they are doing it themselves .
    people who seek the REAL truth never use the words ''conspiracy theory''

  15. Another comment lost to the ether.
    And all I said was that Trump was rightly banned from Twitter for making unsubstantiated allegations about voter fraud, thus compromising the democratic process. He may have been robbed- like Gore- but he didn't have the upfront proof. [ and he couldn't take losing gracefully to perceived voter fraud. Donald will get a 2nd Chance. ]

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