It Begins

Hot on the heels of Bill Gates’s GERM team, the World Health Organization is drafting a global pandemic treaty on pandemic preparedness that could grant the agency unprecedented biosecurity powers.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. New world order, one world government. This is going to create a platform for global governance, this has been in planning for generations.

    Thanks so much for speaking out Russel glad someones got a brain, loads of us have been warning those was coming for over 2 years now

  2. In our sick American societies the satanic Zio-Oligarchy Communist world lords and masters are the psychiatric doctors, the media and press are the mental medicine givers and we the people are the docile and doped patients. We American and the rest of world are just blind fools.

  3. Conservative leadership hopeful Leslyn Lewis has outlined a frightening scenario: if Canada signs an international pandemic treaty, Canadians' travel and medication choices could be restricted, the Constitution could be suspended and it could all pave the way for a global government.

  4. When exactly were bill gates and the like ( these others that clearly endevor to control the people and countries of the world with thier money and power ) ever elected by anyone ? What guise is this with respect to democracy or even fair play ? It seems to be a clear userpation of elected democratic governance by the unelected . It is treason if perpetrated by any citizen belonging to any country run by and for the people of said country . Maybe it should be looked into as to what country or countries these people are considered to have the rights of citizenship in .

  5. Maybe its tiime to review and enact the laws of citizenship as they have so far been distributed to be of no equal nature as so described in such constitutes such as is clearly stated the Constitution of these united states . These truths are somehow obviously no longer being held as self evident .

  6. Governments have not been worth. trusting for years. It doesnt matter who you vote for, they are all backed by the same corporations. It is the corporations that have to be reined in, and have their ability to expand into mega corporations halted. Billys corporation has taken the computing world and is in virtually everyones home. His ego is out of this world, and he has to be stopped.

  7. If we cut off their currency they will probably make their own bitcoins. I mean why not they are in charge now anyways it would seem! and now have become god! ruled by all and subject to extermination, destroyers of humanity.

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