IT DIDN’T WORK! Nancy’s Plan FAILS As Democrats Look Ridiculous Trying To Politicize Jan 6th!


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  1. The big lie, the big lie when on for years as democrats and the FBI spent years an millions to engineer a coup to get rid of a duly elected President what kinda of democracy has to lie so much

  2. Democrats violate the constitution and break the laws of the land continuously and Republicans are cowards who refuse to do what is right for America and the American people. I have never seen Hamilton, and I now have no desire. Cringe. Two unarmed women lost their lives. Ashli and Roseanne.

  3. These Leftist psychos burned and murdered across America in the Summer of Love, and yet Jan.. 6 was an Insurrection…when was the last time an Insurrection took place where the "terrorists" brought no weapons and stayed within the Velvet Ropes while taking Selfies after being welcomed in by the Capitol Police….this shit has to come to an end…a stolen presidential election, a communist takeover of the Government…and this pisstank up there as the paragon of American Democracy…this ends soon or the end of America and thereby the world…these Democrats have been anti American back to before the Civil War…by any means necessary to seize power… what is happening in Asia should wake these asshats up, they are going to push Americans too far and they will reap the whirlwind

  4. Guess Nasty Pelosi doesn't have anything left in her "quiver" & had to resort to Hamilton singer's…DISGUSTINGLY DISGRACEFUL but I don't expect anything less from that party

  5. She makes me sick! It's like she's fighting back tears while saying these lies. Dems care about Jefferson? Lincoln? They tear down their statues. Sick!

  6. Sad they died, but they chose to participate , assuming that all would be good shit happens, only babbit was killed, the others died days ,if not weeks later of strokes or heart attacks. As for stating it was possibly resulting from the 6th, I call bullshit. That's like being diagnosed with hemmroids because you stubbed your big toe three days ago. Your logic, that this led to that , can be used to avoid responsibility for said actions.. IMO just not right.

  7. The only reason they keep talking about the 6th is everything else newsworthy is how bad the Dems and Biden are doing. It’s taboo for leftest news to talk about it.

  8. Thanks for letting us know the actual truth. It’s been a long time now that I look more to independent journalists for truth rather than mainstream media. It’s gotten to a point of insanity for the left and the people who take it hook line and sinker are sheep EMP are either blind or as evil as these so called “leaders”

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