“It Doesn’t Feel Right…” Melbourne, October 16.

Another protest in Melbourne was easily thwarted, after a rather small turnout, by a large and overbearing police presence. The potential consequence for turning up to protest is an unaffordable fine. For inciting people to go and protest, the consequences can be far, far worse.

Melbourne, October 16, 2021 in Brunswick and then Lygon Street in Carlton.

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Written by True Arrow


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  1. This is right out of a science fiction movie I can't believe a first world nation like Australia is going through this this will be coming to the United States also but the cops in the United States are basically terrified of the American citizen and you know why. That woman's comment we're not living in a communist country I'm sorry to say you are now! If you know body language at all I see these police trying to comfort each other and rationalize the situation but if the Australian people completely turn on the police oh well

  2. And today when we're 3-4 days out of lockdown they have 4 cops walking around princess park vs the amount they had on that day to imo justify the amount of cops they had that day ~ yet weeks ago during the lockdown period when they allowed people to gather outdoors there was no police presence when the number of people around the lake/park was way more populated than we regularly had pre-covid times for a Saturday….

    What an absolute joke ~ look at the for lease signs up all around Melbourne and remember who you're funding with your tax payers dollars… the delta strain was mishandled by the government and as a result so are the police cleaning up their mess that the mainstream media also won't hold them accountable for yet ~ the cops also answer to the dollar just like us so please understand that they also have partners who may have lost their jobs and/or businesses that have bled out to nothing as well 🙌

    2 years of lockdown ~ more like 2 years of irresponsible leadership and a wake up call to how corrupt the world is let alone Australia 🤔

    All this lockdown has shown me is how corrupt our system truly is…. from the media coverage that only supports the Australian governments mishandling of the delta strain post "double doughnut" days ~ to the division created amongst us by the media with most fingers pointed at each other rather than at the governing bodies whose job it was to keep delta out of Australia or at the best in quarantine with our sense of community still intact…

    Next question… where does the paper trail lead when Victoria has been housing people in quarantine within the very city they want to bring business back to? We saw Italy get ravished with covid pre-delta as a result of living in close proximity to each other and still to this day we have people in hotel quarantine within our CBD rather than away from the largest GDP city within Australia to a less transmittable area such as rural Victoria 🤔 Hmmmm… nothing suss here at all… just a whole lot of for lease signs and a history of active cases near the Docklands holding and more… Please wake up Australia… because if you haven't already than I honestly have no hope left in humanity…

  3. Everyone is under the debt diplomacy of China and the communist state. Why the hell do you think they don't have to prove anything was to do with them? Every country is owned by China

  4. Below is a message i sent my mates the very first day i was sent home from work mar 2020 first lockdown Syd

    23 March 2020
    Stay safe guys but l reckon by the end
    of this we are going to see a few things
    change, Things that the powers that
    be have tried to implement but need a
    Cash will disapear (unsanitary claim.
    probably bitcoin model) who was
    Universal Basic Income to be implented
    (to sustain consumption levels for
    People will work/ educate from home
    as much as possible (overseas student
    numbers were faling dramatically before
    this happened, teachers costing to
    Centralized (Surveilance) Government's to keep up
    with China's Agility and provide UBI for
    Monopoly economy
    Facebook Microsoft
    EBay Amazon (online sanitary

    Mass 5G rollout to facilitate internet of

    The only thing i didnt mention is that they will stop at nothing till this implimented and crush any resistance.. democratic or otherwise

  5. Hi everyone thank you for exposing this cruelty and wickedness thats going on in the world. The roadmap to freedom is through Jesus Christ. His Government has authority over this weak and fearful government. When there is evil involved you see control, wickedness, abuse, injustice, and so on. When the Government of the Kingdom of God rules, theres peace, love, joy and peace all the good things that this fallen earth need. Get on your knees Australia and humble yourselves before the Almighty God. This battle is not physical, its spiritual. The devil is a fallen angel and he goes around devouring those that are weak. The devil want to take over peoples lives and destroy them. The devil uses people like Daniel Andrews and the police to carry out his plans. So because the devil is spirit therefore this battle must be fought spiritually. If you dont know how to fight spiritually give your life to Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit will enter your body and teach you how to war in the Spirit. How to battle in the Spirit. Read the Bible and get to know you Maker Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father. God bless you all.

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