It Happened! Meta is Being Sued for Billions

Facebook will pay millions of dollars in damages to end a location-tracking dispute. This isn’t an easy situation, though. According to reports, Facebook and META have a disagreement regarding whether users can be tracked after they’ve logged out of the app. As a result, it’s evident that Facebook is monitoring people who’ve deleted the app. Meta, on the other hand, is attempting to fight this lawsuit


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  1. Time everyone got rid of there Facebook after all they are very good friends with Klaus and his criminal organisation the WEF family when are you lot going to wake up

  2. Not only do you get tracked by Facebook when logged out of any of their apps, they still track you when you DELETE their apps!!!!!!!

    This is a known thing in the tech world (where I work as a founder of a tech company – that doesn't track people).

  3. this is interesting but why havent people sued them for trying to extort peoples government ids? i still have an old ass account locked down asking for i.d that facebook has no legal right to maybe another thing they could be sued for?

  4. It's literally the best Tracking/Monitoring/Manipulation software ever created. It will never go away the govment won't allow it lololololol Just call it the Dictator APP lololool

  5. Anyone still using this trash, along with tik tok, snapchat, twitter and the rest are fools. You all know what they do, you all know your data is being collected, used and sold, and you all know you're getting tracked and spied on. But you all keep on using it like oblivious tools.

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  7. If you have a Facebook account that is not in your real name or details you would imagine that you are essentially anonymous to Facebook and its advertisers/stakeholders. After all that is the reason for setting up such accounts, to gain access to Facebook while not divulging anything that is unnecessary.

    It would be disturbing if FB and its clients had access to real private data like that which you are required to provide to government, banks and phone companies in order to access their services.

    If you maintain account in your real name for whatever reason, then you become a slave to FB. If it is important to you to use their services yout activities are, of course, scrutinised and in part controlled by them.

  8. facebook is still doing that til this day . you cannot opt out of it. same with meta and facebook that owns instagram. however i never knew there were any suits against the agency. it tracks everything you do on your phone even if its not on the facebook app

  9. People are dumb as hell. STOP USING FB, that is how you get them to stop. But people are to dumb, to narcissistic to do that. FB going down is a good thing, it will be replaced by someone else and hopefully they do a better job if not? Rinse and repeat.

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