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  1. If he does get back in—if Democrat/RINO dirty tricks and fraud don't stop him again—Day 1 he needs to dissolve the FBI and start a massive investigation into the corruption in DC and the Chinese influence at all levels of our government. No matter what, he can't let them obstruct him again. I would also suggest he fire every flag officer in the military and recall the ones the Democrats have eased out in their attempt to purge the military of loyalists to the American people.

  2. Mainstream media should have learned to shut the hell up by now. I wouldn't be surprised if trump sues them for character deformation.. Along with Pelosi, the squad, and Schumer.

  3. As a Dem, I hope Trump can win the GOP nomination. Unfortunately, his legal problems will make it
    impossible for Trump to run. Trump definitely will be charged with election intereference by Georgia.
    And the likelihood of the Justice Dept filing criminal charges against Trump becomes greater the more
    we learn about him from the Jan 6th committee. So it looks like Adios Trump. And Hello De Santis.

  4. President Trump, never quit. The supreme court has already said Trump Won. Biden is illegal and illegitimate. He is there to make liberal idiots to wake the hell up!!!!!

  5. While I hope complacency doesn't sink in towards trump voters, it's funny how now democrats are telling their voters not to get complacent now. Like, they have no one to tell that to now since they've either all woken up or utterly black pilled after Roe. Sounds to me like a dog whistle for certain individuals in voting places to start reanimating the dead to vote a 2nd time.

  6. Everyone wants to be on the winning team and after November midterms, Trump can build on that wave as independents and even Centrist Dems defect to the right…Its the economy, Stupid.

  7. Joe Biden 2024 he got 81 million votes in 2020 he's the most unpopular president ever assign more executive orders than for other presidents combined if not more he's fired union workers he's open our borders up to people it's unsafe Donald Trump make America great again

  8. I dunno… I quite liked Trump, but I don't think he should run. It's his age. He's not much younger than Biden.

    You can bet the dems are going to push Biden to not run "due to his age" which will put a Trump candidacy in question.

    I think Trump should play the field and pull an Elon at the last minute and pull out. Leave the field open for Rand Paul or DeSantis.

    Don't get me wrong, I loved me some Trump, but… I don't think its the right move.

    Just my opinion.

  9. Sadly I have serious doubts… I work with people that are completely brainwashed by the mainstream media (FOX is controlled opposition)
    These people are exceptionally intelligent BUT they have immersed themselves in a complete fantasy. To the point they cannot tell the difference between Night and Day.

  10. leftist democrat election cheating dominion voting machines and postal drop box mules at midnight, rampant voter fraud and back stabbing rinos like pence got democrats into power

  11. The consequences of Trump sitting in the oval office are energy independence, the wall will get finished, low unemployment, respect from other countries, or fear, take your pick! Both are better than being laughed at, which is what the ridiculous left has brought on us.

  12. Ngl I don’t want this. So many people hate him. There’s going to be so much backlash it will be terrible. I’d much rather have DeSantis run

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