It just never ends

Joe has a moment here in his opening statement that may make you scratch your head


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  1. Plot twist: Maybe Joe wants out? Maybe these aren't gaffes. Like showing the flash card with all the notes. It's got to mess with his pride a little bit and maybe he came to the conclusion awhile ago he is in over his head. Now he is stuck being president when all he wants to really do is sniff hair like the guy on Spice Girls 2 and eat ice cream.

  2. Jill is at the end of her ropes. She's near the point of breakdown. Joey doesn't know what he is doing. He has lost his cognitive skills, and Kumala wants him gone so she's president in name only. This is a mess and will end in utter disaster! Wait for it!

  3. At this point I think he’s purposely going off script to make himself seem as braindead as possible so he can plead insanity when he hears the firing squad approaching…

  4. Oh look…Tickles & Giggles is just grinning away as that fool Biden attempts to spew more lies. Has HE invented the internet yet…he and his bad dude friend, “CORN POP??” Cue giggles!

  5. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT I HAVE TO DO TO GET THESE TWO ARRESTED FOR TREASON? They care NOTHING for what the AMERICAN PEOPLE THEY PROMISED TO REPRESENT WANT! They are giving OUR HARD EARNED DOLLARS TO EVERY COUNTRY BUT OURS, letting our citizens starve while giving a nice cushie existence to people here ILLEGALLY…violating our constitution. If THEY AREN’T committing TREASON, no one ever has. Where do I start? I’ll do it!

  6. This is evidence that this idiot is not running the country and that there are people behind the scenes that have their plan in place ,and regardless of what Joey does, in the end it will not matter. Look at Sri Lanka, that's what "they" want to happen on a global scale.

  7. Someone needs too tell Jill that table cloths are not meant too be clothes. They are meant too protect the table from filth. The only thing is this table cloth is keeping the filth together

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