It Was All A F*cking Lie

As evidence emerges that counters what pharmaceutical companies have been telling us regarding the causes of depression, how much of “trusting the science” is about massive profits for pharmaceutical companies and the politicians they have in their pockets? #bigpharma #pfizer #depression #gsk

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I so love it when people tell me – follow the science, because the ones that say that generally are following science sponsored by big pharma. That's not the science I follow, as it creates only an illusion of evidence-based medicine… Unfortunately that's still the 'science' the masses are following

  2. i was on a anti depressant called topemax. and years of taking it has caused me to have problems with memory. i asked my dr about this and he said yeah it does, but the benefits out way the side effects. i really wish he was up front with this info before i started taking it cause i wouldnt of taken it if i had known.
    i now refuse to take any anti depressants. i take 5-htp instead. and i feel it has been helping a lot

  3. Like most medicine and the medical industry, it's a big scam, some may be helped most are treated at high costs to themselves or insurance and our Government. Wish my business was subsidized by the Government, instead of what the market actully bares.

  4. I’m 28, I’ve been prescribed both of these medications by a number of doctors since I was 18 and am currently taking them. In the past couple decades they raised the age which you can stay on your parents medical insurance in the US to 26 yrs old – this made health decisions complicated in early adulthood. I tried to quit them last year and experienced seizures and got into a tussle with my brother which landed me at an outpatient mental health program in Chicago. This place came with in house psychiatrists. They initially tried to wean me off them but because of my impatience we never got to a lower dose of either. I was instead prescribed excess amounts of gabapentin for daily anxiety control. In this 3 month stay I eventually pushed through and made it back to work at my corporate insurance job but nothing felt quite right after. I don’t feel like these pills have had a net positive impact on my life but rather got me to numb through some very difficult times. What upsets me is how complicit I was in procuring them, taking them daily, trusting the doctors in the end always even when I lost sleep doubting the efficacy of the drugs. I do think Wellbutrin has been a major contributing factor in several panic attacks In the past. I never felt like eitherturned me away from suicidal thinking. The national conversation about this needs to be louder

  5. I think those of you that think this was a mistake are a little niave. It was created in the very beginning as a deceitful way to make money for big pharma, They are not in business for our welfare, they are in business to make money, It's all well calculated and thought out to bleed as much money from the public as possible for medicine that's not needed.

  6. SSRI/SNRI are evil shit that destroys lives, and steals souls. They also come with horrible permanent side effects like PSSD (post ssri sexual dysfunction) They also use them in the treatment of paraphilic sexual behavior

  7. I’ve been saying this exact same thing for 30 years… I literally JUST tried to talk to my wife about it because she’s been on antidepressants since the 90’s and she acted like she would leave me if I continued to discuss it. It’s just another addiction. One that doesn’t even have the benefit of having a good time.

  8. Not all anti depressants are SSRI’s. Some illnesses require people take depression medication. Let’s be very careful about encouraging people to get off their depression meds. It’s dangerous.

  9. I have to respectfully disagree here, Russell. I’m just wondering why we should believe anything that comes out of a mainstream media news source that really doesn’t have any receipts to prove either way. I have always been on the camp it’s not a serotonin deficiency, but after the last 2 years I have learned that NOTHING gets published by the mainstream without an ulterior motive. I just question if news like this is going to cause someone who takes an antidepressant to take themselves off of it and then do something like unaliving themselves because perhaps that medication was helping them in some way. We just need more information either way. We need more studies done on depression. Don’t forget we are fighting a group of elites that are purposely trying to get rid of a few billion people. Thanks for hearing me out 🙏

  10. Xanax – you have NO problems while you are taking it. Everything is Heaven. When you come down off the effects, it was hell – or it was for me. I Praise GOD I am off that shit (which was hard because it felt so great) I will never take it again. 
    Hope your day/evening is great to all that reads this. Praise Jesus✝☦🙏🏻✨ – from America 🇺🇸

  11. Please cover PSSD (Post SSRI Sexual Dysfunction) one day Russell!!!! Please!! 6 years after ceasing my antidepressant medication, I still suffer from sexual dysfunction. It is SO REAL and underreported!!! The effects that remain are so profound, that I know for a fact there’s virtually no way it can be considered anything close to psychosomatic! The only reason (literally THE ONLY reason) doctors deny this condition is because the issue is not outwardly showing like tardive dyskinesia (another persistent condition that exists after cessation of psychiatric meds). If you tell a doctor “My sexual dysfunction and emotional blunting is due to an antidepressant I stopped years ago”, they’ll immediately resort to “It’s all in your head”… Not everyone gets this condition, but if you do, there’s no help out here and the PSSD community needs it! We need support

  12. Thanks Russell, would you do something on Chemotherapy which kills 50% of the people using it says a report published in 2018 by Cancer Research Uk and Public Health England, If half the people drinking coffee died would they take it off the market?

  13. I am severely harmed by antidepressants since 2018, I'm probably better off dead than suffering like this. I lost nearly all my memory, time perception, hunger and thirst sensations, I have sexual dysfunction. Skin numbness, no sensation in my arms and legs, hands numb. I cannot feel any emotions, lost ability to visualise, got extreme tinnitus. Tingling and burning all over. Can't function as a human being. Lost my job, my hobbies can barely walk at 43 years old. Go to bed praying I die in my sleep. Thanks bigpharma! Hope you all burn in hell for what you are doing to innocent people!!!

  14. Around 20 years ago I heard a personal story about Big Pharma. They wined and dined the doctors and healthcare professionals at a swanky resort, drove them in limos to said resort, and then offered them money to endorse their 'product.' When they wouldn't go along with the pitch because they didn't believe in the medication, the drug reps didn't like this. The swank went and sank in the nearby ocean.

  15. What an absolute conspiracy theorist! Having complex individual thought about things you deem important. And the audacity to not think the same as I do! Absolutely deplorable. It’s common sense! You shouldn’t be allowed to speak freely anymore and should be "censored" so as to not spread a False narrative. Satirical.

  16. Please cover PSSD! It’s more than just permanent sexual dysfunction after medical cessation, it’s permanent loss of the beautiful feeling of love, permanent loss of human emotions. And permanent cognitive impairments. All because the receptors for dopamine/serotonin that are responsible for those beautiful feelings/emotions humans perceive, are GONE. Not damaged. GONE. DIED OFF. Because of SSRI’s.

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