Italians Burn Energy Bills In Protest

One unforeseen consequence of the Ukraine War — and in particular the sanctions regime imposed on Russia by NATO countries — has been a drop in the supply of liquefied natural gas to Western European countries. And so, as energy prices have skyrocketed, citizens in countries like Italy, the U.K. and the Czech Republic have begun protesting, with the likelihood of further unrest growing as the cold winter months approach.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the sanctions blowback and just how much Europeans will tolerate before protests turn genuinely ugly.

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  1. So funny that people still believe that Ukraine is somehow blameless in the war? Why people cannot take a little time and research the horrors that Ukraine inflicted on the Northern Russian speaking citizens. Russia still receives all blame, very sad!

  2. Jimmy you wonder how all the crap going on makes sense. How about this? What if the oligarchs have determined that the climate catastrophe cannot be stopped because people will not change their ways nor will the oligarchs change the western way of life so the only solution is to reduce the world population from 7 billion down to more like one or two billion. This would be the quickest and most effective way to reduce global warming. Steps to incite people to riot will give the oligarchs the excuse to kill many people. Starvation, bio lab creations of pandemics, and nuclear wars will reduce the number to one the earth can sustain. The result will be a dramatic decrease in greenhouse gases and the oligarchs can keep their lifestyles.

  3. Jimmy, the reason they're doing this is bc they *WANT OUR SOCIETY TO COLLAPSE* — that is their goal. Destroy society and build it back in their own image and give them even more power and us even less power

  4. Eventually the people will *have to resort to violence* — Nothing will change unless these "leaders" of the western world have their lives destroyed. It's naive to think the people will be successful without violence… It's guaranteed the gov will use violence against the people, so we actually have to fight back

  5. So the protestors want to hurt the companies by taking their profits but not the politicians who caused this problem.

    This is why I can never get behind any protest as they always lack reason and are based off feelings and irrational emotion.

  6. I – in Italy – am drading my next gas and electricity bill. They come together. Once when my landlady had not paid a normal bill. officials came to switch of our electricity but I paid. My only remaining joy is Kurt.

  7. Kurts whole 'we have guns so wait until we get angry' spiel…there were people without drinking water in the world's richest country…where are the 'gun people' then? Enough of this macho nonsense…nothing will happen.

  8. The entire Europe & the US is becoming 3rd World Countries, sure enough. The Green Energy neo-liberals will see to that we all back to live in dark ages. In many parts of San Francisco Bay area California, we had 3 or 4 days of over 6-8 hrs of total power outage during the last 1 year! No lights, fans or ac all night ! No electricity to Cook a meal as well. Never happened this since It have been living there during the past 40 plus years!

  9. Oh I remember how Jimmy reported from Italy in March 2020! Way ahead of the curve in terms of covid panic! Now he's doing it again for energy panic. Bet in a year he'll be harvesting subscribers from the "I was always against the energy panic" crowd.

  10. US oil companies benefit the most from energy prices!! Europe is going to be sacrificed to keep US hegemony as the leader of West civilization in new multipolar world order; The priest of this ritual is Putin backed by the East (China, Iran, Venezuela, India,Africa,…). Europe is watching Putin sharpening his knife while its hands are tied by the US (as they are not allowed to negotiate with or appease Putin). East smell flesh😋. Europe and EU are done!! NATO’s next!

  11. It's not a cabal Jimmy. None of these billionaires know shit. They are as much part of the chaos as us. If they don't see the writing on the wall… If they think they will be safe when the people revolt, they haven't read history.

  12. I've been getting texts lately from the GOP (supposedly) asking for donations. I don't click the links so I can't tell if they're legitimate gop fundraisers. I guess it's a scam either way, but if I give my money to some Indian guy struggling to eat, at least it went to something reasonably good.

  13. Kurt's last statement was deep. Us "gun people" who get texts from government telling us how to behave do the opposite of what government tells us. We set that thermostat as low as it goes and open the windows and try to pick off those damn squirrels/

  14. The trick is to convince the establishment that they ARE NOT AT WAR and that includes how they treat foreign investment. But they like being at war and get off on the endorphin rush of competing and killing. They are at war 24-7 and they love every minute of it. While Americans don’t think we are at war in the official sense, their leaders and hedge funds are doing overtime in the war pit.

  15. People can act against the interests of their government just as easily as the government can act against the interests of its people. In fact, considerably more force is possible by people than government but the people are poorly organized and never will be while media, friends and family propagandize them.

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