Italy & Germany Buy Gas In Rubles Not Dollars For First Time!

The days of the petrodollar – the U.S. dollar as the universal currency of exchange on the world market – may be coming to an end, the latest piece of evidence coming from Germany and Italy, which have both made moves to make future natural gas purchases from Russia using the ruble rather than the dollar.

Jimmy and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the likely waning of the dollar in the international marketplace and how the Ukraine war is merely accelerating the dollar’s decline, along with the U.S.’s.

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  1. Correction, it's not Joe Biden and his administration dragging the US economy down the drain, it's the American public who are allowing this crap to go on. You have the right to bear arms for a reason, dummies, use it. Or shut up, the world is tired of hearing your bitching. Prove me wrong.

  2. If Americans won't ask their state legislatures to rein in the federal government by repealing the 16th and 17th Amendments and abolishing the Federal Reserve and ratifying term limits, then it's up the world to de-dollarize so we can help ourselves save our constitutionally limited federal republic. Only a constitutionally limited federal republic protects individual rights, freedoms, and civil liberties against the tyranny of big government and against the tyranny of democracy wherein the majority ignorantly facilitate big government through mob rule and popular opinion to curtail individual rights, freedoms, and civil liberties.

  3. that what happened. when you have citizens. they don't know what they are voting for. when they do !! when lost in the wind. Biden get elected in office !! the man destroyed more than 98 years old of history that made by president Roosevelt. he's the man who made that deal with king Abdul Aziz al Saud. and yet. you hear a lot of history ignorant. talk really bad about Saudi Arabia. not known the fact that. Saudi Arabia agree to be protected by the U.S. in return for the petrodollar deal. and that did strengthen our currency around the world and so. our economy. anyway. Biden just erased the whole entire deal simply because of his sever lack of leadership and his stupid deep personal arrogance.. don't take me wrong because Trump aren't any better either. our culture are way better to provide decent humans who can lead our society to a decent living and protected rights. but what we have in the last 20 years is nothing but criminals. and I can't believe with all the wrong doing they still can get away with it !!

  4. How many people in the USA are living in their cars, in tents along highways, under bridges or in parks soon to be removed by the police and this is happening in CANADA'S major cities and yes in the small towns as Our Government is more concerned with their egos then they are about their Citizens

  5. Jimmy your ideology is clouding your judgment But you're right on Biden's policy tearing at the petrodollar which would make the US so poor overnight we would be wishing for the Great Depression. You're right on the cutter turkey pipeline but wrong on natural gas. The US already sells LNG to Europe that is not what this is about Trump tried to make them less reliant on Russia & the media tore him up for trying to do it. Now they're supporting it, it's not the fossil fuels pushing to get Europe to buy US LNG

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