“It’s A Big Club And You Ain’t In It” – How The Game Is RIGGED!

As wealth disparity and inequality grows we’re increasingly aware of the methods the elites employ to avoid tax and cheat the system. So, is there anything we can do about it?

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. You want term limits? Vote for someone else! Don’t want the club in power? Don’t vote for them! It amazes me how everyone points a finger at the rich and famous, then votes for them! Wonder why? Because they benefit in some way. Or are convinced the other guy is worse, which is more likely. We the people have the power. We need to use thought and logic, pay attention, and vote for what’s right! Not for what you’ve been emotionally convinced is the best option. J

  2. I love the ideas that Luke guy put out there! It's great to finally hear someone talk about solutions that could actually be enacted and work, as opposed to just calling out and complaining about the problems that have already been recognized by anyone that's paying attention. Discussion like this is the 1st necessary step to fixing this shit we got ourselves into.

  3. I have viewed a number of your podcasts in the last few months and I'm not clear on what sort of changes you are advocating for. I get that whatever the change you want is its sweeping, which is certainly what we need. But I don't know what you want to accomplish or how you propose to accomplish it. I have been actively involved in protesting for more than 40 years, yet when I view your show I do not get a good picture of what changes you think we should make as a society, comprised of individuals? I get that you don't like the vaccine mandates. And I couldn't agree more that it should never have been a political issue, but should be addressed as a health issue. I'm never opposed to examining a good conspiracy, looking for connections , and then confirming and reconfirming them until I'm fairly sure that the connection exists, But there are much more important problems with society as it is today, and I am no closer to knowing what you propose to do about it now as I was before I watched the 20 or three hours of your show that I have viewed. Could you be as so kind as to elaborate?

  4. Ok are people this lost that what your selling is news I mean I love your intelligence, one of our best but seriously wtf yes been rigged for a long time now

  5. This chat was basically recommending adopting the Swiss democratic model.
    . & In another dimension, today, Julian Assange was knighted and Blair was sent to 175 years to Belmarsh, for the war crimes reported by Wikileaks

  6. And I don't want to be in it, we all need to form our own to take back our God given rights which is OUR freedom OUR world and OUR lives. It makes me sick that nobody ever wants to come together anymore.

  7. sorry ,yes nice guy,but its pie the sky,we are where we are ,banking are finished with this system,im a humble plasterer, and ive heard that Karl Marx predicted that capitalism is [a means to an end ] we can all see it now,he said there will be a bloodless revolution,im a bit thick but was he right ?and mabe schwab knows …the WEF is the answer? think about it ,surely its better than letting baying mobs rule ?

  8. Dear Russell, This has been standard XR practice since its inception. The 3 principles, Tell The Truth, Act Now (on the best science), and Citizen's Assemblies (A common form of deliberative democracy) now stated as Beyond Democracy I recall because it's an advancement on the present sort of representative democracy. Non Violent Civil Disobedience is seemingly the only way forward from here. There's much in the social/historical record to back that up, too much to type into the comments. Go Well ps check out Erica Chenoweth's work, and the work of Roger Hallam of Extinction Rebellion who has written one or two short books on the subject, very useful too.

  9. we are at the point that the MONSTER….that deep state foe…. is entrenched to the point of being impervious to any effort to kill it. We can't even get a start, can't effect more direct public involvement in government because all paths lead through seated government. It does well to remember Satan is at the seat of world governments. It is not going to get better.

  10. Absolutely a revolution is necessary. And it is obvious that the elites in control expect one. All the surveillance, the militarization of police, the professional think tanks who study the tactics of confusion and division etc. clue us as to what they expect and how they plan to deal with it.
    Failed states self destruct eventually and the population may turn on itself, civil war, or organized revolution. The latter requires high minded charismatic leaders and they in turn require a population united in ideology.
    It's a crap shoot really.
    People like Russel Brand are national treasures.

  11. I am fundamentally opposed to democracy, which is tyranny, so I reject your guest’s views out of hand.

    Instead, I seek a multilevel federalism/republicanism, where each level joins its members together in a federal Union through their love, one for another, leaving to each their own purview, and only governing the interstitial public matter they share as an union.

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