“It’s A CONSPIRACY!!” THIS Is How The Elite Stay In Power

As it’s revealed that multimillionaire politicians are using unpaid interns, meaning only the wealthy can afford to take those jobs, we ask, just how big is the gap in wealth between the governed and the governing?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. People criticizing unpaid internships don't understand how the system works. The experience and connections that interns make have massive value, and if they make the cut to get into the world of actual politicians they may be set for life. The intern must show they can take on responsibility, show loyalty, maintain confidentiality, and be available for the party above all else even classes. To make this easier to understand there is a tutorial on this kind of organization called Sons of Anarchy. Sorry but you don't get paid to prospect with the club.

  2. Pelosi was exposed to be part of the Stellar Winds illegal mass global survelliance of anyone they deem so fit. So much corrupt power. Shame on us for allowing these charlatans to steal our money and destroy our country. We hate you nancy.

  3. The system is flawed, no doubt about it. But to live comfortably in Washington, DC, an intern would need to make more than 140,000 per year. Does anyone want to tell the millions of americans working for 30 to 40,000 dollars per year, that their taxes are paying 140,000 per year to some college kid for typing and answering phones. Given our technology, we should not need interns. To much government waste of money as it is.

  4. To be honest, if I was in their position, making millions, id be doing just as they do. This is exactly why I don’t believe there is any way for humans to govern other humans successfully.

  5. Heres an idea: those in the legislative branch should be paid at the same deficit level as their budgets, spending twice what the country collects? Well here is half of what you need. it should be illegal for them to invest in any kind of money making schemes too…

  6. You are hilarious….my god! A native Dane living in the States for 21 years, I must have had hundreds of discussions regarding who should be representing normal peoples' interests in Congress. The answer was always the same. We want people who already proved to be successful to lead our government. However, not to ever experience that it would come to this! Absolute power corrupts absolutely! They said it themselves- a long, long time ago!

  7. Eliminate money and you’ll solve half the worlds problem, you can’t take it with you or any of the “things” you think you own. Ownership is illusion, what a primitive race humans are. All humans know is fear

  8. be careful to avoid condemning politics all together, we need reform not abolition.. To many here make comments that sound like rants from anarchists. Gov't isn't the prob, it's the wealthy and corporate hold on gov't that is the prob. It is wealth disparity and social norms. (as much as that is an over used term by the corporate media, here it does apply) There is so much money held by a few, the amount of propaganda they spread is going to destroy democracy.

  9. I enjoy and support RB's videos, but I can only watch once in awhile. I have known about these issues for years and nothing changes. It is soul destroying that these things are the norm in the U. S.A. and we are powerless. RB says we can make changes but C. Wright Mills wrote about these abuses in the 1950's and the government just gets more and more powerful.

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