It’s all COLLAPSING in Italy as globalists drive another country into the ground | Redacted News

Are Western leaders being held accountable for making a mess of the economy? That is the case for Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi who has resigned. See also: Sri Lanka, Argentina, the United Kingdom. Politicians who agree to war, flood their economy with government spending, sanction supplies and have record inflation are being punished. Will that mean we get a better system now?

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  1. You will find that all these countries are making decisions to drive towards the WEF "utopia" as outlined in Klaus Schwab's book which you can buy on Amazon. The "utopia" is "we will own nothing and be happy" ……..meanwhile the ultra rich will be eating prime steak on their mega yachts laughing at us.

  2. It seems like the common thread in all these equations are the governments of the USA, China and Russia. All three of these are run by the Luciferian (Satanic) controlled families and the huge corporations they employ. Everything you see happening around the world is spiritual warfare. Globalism is entirely satanic. Who needs Yah when we can take care of things for ourselves? It’s all evil anyway you cut it. You are either on the side of Yah or the side of Satan, there is no in between.

  3. n here twitter was just pushing propaganda about how americans are fleeing to amazing nations like Italy & Spain to enjoy better more peaceful lives.

  4. God words said that nothing in the dark stay hidden forever. Citizens put them in authority by trusting he/she will listening and working together with their own nation of the country. We don't votes for them to unite the world to combat against citizens or mankind.

  5. I really enjoy your info. You are my new source if news for around the world. you cover the stories our own government want the country to ignore. Thank you Natalie and Clayton from Wisconsin.

  6. What the American's need is to see how this elected officials vote in congress. If you look at the approvals rating for chairman biden, 30%. Who are these people? As far as I can see all of us are impacted by the decision made by crazy politicians in the swap. Why are we continually putting these people in office. What is that infamous quote? Taxation without representation.

  7. I think there are many in America that are on the verge of revolting against this government. Homeless people revolt, working poor revolt, truckers revolt, people who can't feed their families but we haven't done anything yet. I wonder why Americans haven't begun revolting even after the government has decided to push us to ww3 and nuclear war.

    I think Americans have gotten lazy and pacified completely. Maybe it's all the prescription pain medication or recreational Marijuana but Americans in general have checked out. I wonder if Americans are like the Chinese with the just "let it rot" mentality. A do nothing mentality. Instead of trying to steer America in a direction that is for the people we just let go of the wheel and let these politicians steer it to the benefit of the rich. I guess we have been too passive, too well fed, too indoctrinated, too lazy to do anything about the destruction we are facing. Where and what will be America's breaking point because we haven't hit that yet? I wonder who will be the first to stand up? The patriotic groups stood up and got hammered down by the fbi. The truckers stood up briefly and got covid quarantined to circle the highways. Who will stand up next? And will it make any difference with the cardboard signs of peaceful protests?

  8. I unfortunately live in Italy ("MAFIALAND") and can confirm everything.
    Everything they could make WRONG they made it WRONG (on purpose),
    during the last 2 governments we happened to SUFFER (WE DID NOT ELECT THOSE PEOPLE!).
    Two and a half year of PEOPLE'S PAIN IN THE… S.

  9. …. and King Trudeau avoided any "No Confidence " motions with a back door deal with the NLP (New Liberal Party) formally know as the NDP… I guess he saw it coming that we would want him out!! 🙂

  10. The politicians are just puppets, the agenda is set by organisations full of unelected officials like the WEF, IMF, WHO, NATO etc. Keep us distracted with nonsense while behind the scenes they are screwing us all.

  11. People don't expect the Globalist N.W.O. Deep State satanic lucerferryian ( L.G.B.T. NOAH ) cabal to go down without a fight to the bitter end.

    The E.U. and NATO will collapse shortly and something worse ( The anti-Christ ) will take it's place.

    God has his END-TIMES Sheep'fold nations ( Peoples ) and then there is the Babylon N.W.O. World System Nations.

    Good Vs Evil.

    The END-TIMES Biblical Two Witnesses are Here & Now.

    The END-TIMES Two Witnesses = ACTS 28:11 " As a ( WITNESS ) in the stars ( Heavens ) = Zechariah 4:14 ( Original Hebrew ) " These ANOINTED ( SONS = Brothers ) SONS of OIL "

    Baltimore, Maryland —> ACTS 28:11 Gemini Twin Pollux anointed ( LEFT KNEE ) on April 28'th 1963 at 9:30 am EST USA.

    Baltimore, Maryland —–> ACTS 28:11 Gemini Twin Castor anointed ( LEFT FOOT ) on August 28'th 1977 at 9:30 am EST USA by ( THE KING = Jesus the Christ ) King Planet Jupiter with ( RED anointing OIL ) Red Planet Mars : EXACTLY 4 months, and 14 YEARS to the very day.

    Maryland's state flag = " The TWO Witnesses "

    Virgina + Maryland = Virgin Mary.

  12. If you had not already realized this is all staged by these globalist leaders . They are going to form and we will see 7 continents divided into 10 regions with 10 leaders ( kings ) all under the control of a coming ultimate man of sin and evil by i would estimate 2025 .

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