It’s All Falling Apart for Amber Heard

Its been a week of Amber Heard being told no, I wonder how that is going for her?

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Written by SEC


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  1. Na She showed up at the UK trial for her camera shots the attention. She played a roll at every turn. The victim . The movie star. Press conference.

    And Depp yeah I bet he would settle as long as he gets paid big time yeah I mean it's not coming out of her pocket. And everyone knows she's a liar. Yeah I can see Johnny settling

  2. If we make the list of AH's false accusations against JD it is finally the list of her criminal acts. AH will play all legal and illegal cards in order to escape accountability. Wish and pray for the fair trial! I'm looking forward for the moment when the real perpator of this hell will be at the situation "from hero to zero".🛬

  3. Well said thank you. I have said this all along people …. particularly Amber ….. must be held liable for perjury. Every court case should hold people responsible for lying in court particularly since narcassism is rife.

  4. I highly doubt she'll get anything for Australia incident. People are getting so excited about her possibly getting 14 years, but I doubt she'll get anything.

    So happy the pitchess motion was denied.

    Also glad that the ME for Depp was denied. It's clear Johnny doesn't need an examination. She's clearly the unstable one.

    And the suprême Court? Really Amber? insert eye roll here

    She's so pathetic. We all know this is all a big fat lie.
    I just hope this goes all the way through and Depp gets his day in court and is ruled innocent!

    Then I'll sing NSYNC'S bye bye bye in the streets! And dedicate it to Miss Ambie Pants

  5. Hey Les

    AH has to back up all her big girl talk now & she can't. Finally her bad behaviour & past is rapidly catching up on her. The VA trial is officially going to condemn Miss AH and shine a light on all her misgivings. Her Name & credibility will be in the toilet after all of this.

  6. Greetings from Melbourne guys. Our entire political system is corrupt. The country has been shut down for 2 years politicians on full pay with overreaching emergency powers. They're more worried about totally controlling the population with mandatory jabs than this. Backlog for court cases is 18+months. Money talks here. All celebs were allowed to enter the country during lockdown while normal Aussies locked out o their own country and still are. Musk is building a giant battery station in south Australia. It could go either way.

  7. Amber “Abuser” Heard should go to jail because she acted like a victim when she wasn’t and she ruin Johnny Depp’s career and future career too. I hope she goes to prison for 10-15 years for starters!!

  8. Good point about AH finding some sort of emergency situation to get her out of going to trial…although thankfully you literally Must be on "your death bed"! Just to get out of a subpoena let alone a criminal court case.
    I really think even the "believe all women" movement nor ANY social agenda can save her from court proceedings unless she is found to be clinically insane…..and even then I believe criminals and the accused can still be represented without having to say a word…..she's screwed……😉

  9. She will never get prison time we all know that maybe a fine the most they can give her and a ban of entering Australia 🇦🇺 but that might not stop her she did try i with the dogs. And as we know she cares about no one besides herself as anyone who can dump her dogs like that has no heart ❤️

  10. Just a quick question, what is everyone’s thoughts on how unappreciative Johnny has been acting towards America (and his fans here in the states). In Rome he’s calling out Hollywood as being boring and yet he seemed to enjoy making a lot of money from America!!!

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