It’s all kicking off! 😡

How come we don’t hear about this on the likes of the BBC and the rest of the lefty EU loving press?




Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. But surely removing them from the road is the public keeping them safe. After all only an idiot would sit on the road infront of a car……ah I've just realised stop oils protesters iq

  2. Are elderly will die this Christmas because they can’t afford heating and food.Yet our government gives our money away to these economic chancers.If they don’t act very soon,start campaigning against your local MP .

  3. Govenments have signed up to net zero so eco protesters just supports their maniac policies…double standards obviously…MSM also go along with it .And shows it on the news…but anti gov policy protest are kept off TV…just like china..

  4. My name is Geoff! Other than that we have nothing in common. Please tell me this is a joke / comedy / parody? If not, you might consider that we are out of the EU, so what do you want now, martial law and troops on the streets unless we agree with you?

  5. NET0 needs to be scrapped. Let China do NET 0. UK NET0 will have little to zero environmental effect whilst there is a huge effect on living standards with people needlesly suffering…..

  6. A highly organised, equipped and well funded operation is what is letting 1000 migrants a day.. these people are there unopposed on French beaches with all the boats,kit,people,life rafts,petrol etc all at hand.. How???

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