“It’s All Rigged!” Government Insider REVEALS

Can the system ever change or are we stuck?! Yanis Varoufakis warns how the state has been corrupted by greedy and self-seeking politicians and whether we can turn to alternative systems.

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I think it's a horrible idea to structure a company as described by the interviewee. I can go into nitty gritty details as to why but we all know from real world experience that organized groups always outperform less organized groups and without a hierarchical structure you are per definition less organized. As to how that even relates to bank's I'm not even sure, can't you just skip all that and create a universal "banking" account from the government and get rid of banks just the same?

  2. This is basic stuff I've understood more than 20 years ago already. My elementary school worked in a similar manner, based on projects and self-management. It is quite easy to imagine the immense possibilities of a world not bounded by stupid slavery system called capitalism.

  3. HAVENT YOU PEOPLE REALIZED THAT NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE YET? No matter how many talks you have. No matter how much you complain. THESE SYSTEMS ARE BY DESIGN! They will never change! There only going to get worse and lead to a one world government! THE ONLY WAY ITS GOING TO CHANGE IS BY STANDING UP GETTING OFF YOUR COUCH! AND DOING SOMETHING! It’s easy to sit there and talk about change! BUT ITS ANOTHER TO ACTUALLY DO! WAKE UP!

  4. People will always be greedy, jalouse, lazy.
    Groups and companies need to be no bigger than 150 or every employee has have a equal share in saying about every big decision whitin the company.
    There are several businesses who work this way. however the people with all the profits and ownership will not accept the change

  5. re; the idea around the bonus and "brownie points" – I don't know why everything inside a business office has to be a competition. Can't we save the competitive energy for other arenas? There are diffferent pay scales to deal with everybody's position in the company and when it comes to the bonus…everyone is in it together, so it should simply be divided among them all equally. Having to play into some personality contest all year long in order to secure part of a holiday bonus…really!?!

    If it is a work environment in some kind of 'real' alignment, I would think the whole would understand the contribution of even the smallest little cog in their machine regardless of who was most beloved in the office.

  6. This won't work long term. You'll always get the hard worker types vs. The lazy. I see lots of confusion and blaming others since many work on the same project. To each their own. I prefer checks and balances, hold tyrannical management to the same standards. Let those that work under perform their evaluations.

  7. LOVE this concept, he's literally, literally, verbatim, describing how blockchain "Decentralised Automated Organisations" (DAOs) work… some has already been deployed and are active in the U.S. Loved what he said about human values are intrinsically baked into our organisation's values! <3! Buying your book sir! Cheers Russell

  8. People forget, There is no such thing as a good gov. or kingdom structure and only one way to be really free, Ever since the first city of Canaan to after the flood era Babylon, A small group get rich, buy big guns, take over land and demand you obey or else. Keep this in mind when you support a system of power, control and greed if you like freedom. Nobody in this current world is free, the illusion of free but nothing is without a cost, it may cost you your life, be wise. Peace and Love.

  9. In the US of A if "Citizen's United" ("Corporations United" to be technically correct) which opened the floodgates to money pouring into the politicians pockets since 2010, servicing the corporatocracy were to be brought into American's consciousness in this very moment, that might make a HUGE difference in how governing policies were handled. Then Pelosi's and her minions insider trading might be viewed by the darkness it truly represents. OVERTURN CITIZEN'S UNITED, PERIOD!

  10. What is true is that we need radical changes and we need them now.

    This idea of having a system run based on a person merit, is more appealing then the current system, that is for certain.

    Having equal wages at a company, but have bonuses based on a person's merit, which is decided in consensus with the rest of the company, not 1 individual calling the shots is great.

    I think the problem today is that we are divided due to social status, this has become a poison in peoples minds. Where some think: I am more wealthy, so I deserve more than people who are under my social status…

    If the gap between social classes grows bigger, then I wouldn't be surprised if we are back to slavery, by the way today's modern industrial/technological age is a transfer into slavery from the looks of it. We just get a little money from the rich to keep on living and have basic needs because we have to make them richer, but we also shouldn't die so they can make more money on our backs. How is this not slavery in disguise? Even slaves had a roof over their head and had food given to them to keep on living, that is what is happening today, we get minimal wages to get by, whilst the rich have 20 houses and 100 cars, but they are just 1 person, so it definitely makes sense to have more then you need.

    The only way to change this system is for the rich to wake up, and they will never wake up, they will never let go of power, because it is an addiction…

    Humanity is sick if it keeps developing like this, I am depressed to see what my civilization has come too…but with the current trajectory there really is no hope for humanity, the thousands of years of oppression/war/slavery in a constant never-ending cycle taught us nothing, and in the end we are going to be meet with extermination due to, not being able to rise out of this cycle.

    Getting out of this sick mentality is humanities goal since it got poisoned with this mentality, but if we have been stuck here, and have been repeating the same mistakes in different era's, over and over again, then we have failed to change not once but constantly, makes me wonder how long until humanity will implode due to us not being able to change.

    Technology has advanced that is for certain, but the human spirit/soul is just as infected/corrupt as it was from the start, addiction towards wealth/sex/power has been with us forever, but there is no 1 individual that can make everyone see things differently. It might sound silly, but I believe we need a figure like Jesus to emerge to really guide humanity towards a better future, but that will never happen.

    There will unfortunately never be a person with that much positive energy + influence, that could put a lid on the rich and powerful. That is just wishful thinking.

  11. That’s the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. If you like mediocrity than I guess that’s for you. Like everything else, capitalism can be taken advantage of. But you cannot dispute the fact that it has brought more people out of poverty than any other system in history. How did socialism work out for Venezuela?

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