It’s All Unraveling Now…

It’s All Unraveling Now…

This video gives you the truth about the current situation and how it’s all unraveling now.

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Written by WeAreChange

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  1. Either petrol or diesel are around $13 per gallon at a gas station in London already. Someone filled up 98 litres (roughly 21 gallons) and paid £215.55 ($284 US).

  2. If THEY don't physically have it, and YOU don't physically have it. Do you really own it? No. I could collect everyone's money, buy gold, and do business as is. If SHTF, I would disappear with the gold. You need to physically own the gold. Gold linked chain is good for trading, you can cut links off. You do not need Gold to trade for money. Paper Money is Bad!!!!!

  3. Anthony Blinken said the Poles would send jets to Ukraine, thus kicking off WWIII. Poles said, nah, but we will give them to you and you can kick it off. US goes, ah, no, that would be a bad idea if we did it, but if there's any other NATO country out there that wants to take the blame, go for it. Just don't let it be us.

  4. Just repeat after me. We are so totally screwed with Biden, Democrats/RINOs, and media in control. We now have inflation, rising food and oil prices and war. What a great time to complain and scream when going down to the White House and then Congress. (Whisper: Also bring pitch forks, torches, hot oil and feathers.)

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