“It’s All WRONG!” They’re Showcasing The Rich While Ordinary People Suffer!

The mainstream media are benefiting from creating more division using commercial gestures and meaningless symbols while we suffer the consequences. I spoke with John Barnes the author of The Uncomfortable Truth About Racism on my Under the Skin podcast. He speaks candidly about the reasons why division is continuing and who is at fault.
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. the "Racism" byline is a device of groups who know there's PROFIT from pitting people
    against one another, they re the ones who sell and finance Police and Military ops
    and own stock in the companies who facilitate the functions of those ops. WAR MAKES
    PROFIT. People know the game, are they wise enough to stomp it out? Be well, GET REAL.

  2. "Most of us want to move beyond racism."

    Brand, do you realise there's an entire party in the US who's existence demands that racism exist? That's a full 150mil+ that fall outside your quote.

    “Racism is not dead, but it is on life support – kept alive by politicians, race hustlers and people who get a sense of superiority by denouncing others as ‘racists’” – T. Sowell

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  4. The success of the socialist/communist movement in the US today owes to the wealthy 1% vilifying the poor and working class people (divided by race) and turning the rich and political class into the heros.

  5. While I agree with John Barnes in that the white working class turn their frustrations on immigrants in the mistaken belief that immigrants are somehow responsible for their plight I would definitely not agree with the comments saying talking about Racism makes people Racist..or saying someone is Racist is wrong..if people are racist we should call it out!Right now we have four young people on trial for pulling down the statue of a slave media is full of people saying they should be sent to prison…yet to me they are Heroic so we have a big division and pretending the Government are responsible for this division is not true…we are all responsible for our own bias!Our own lack of Empathy!

  6. You bet "they" are stoking racial tensions. "They" (read elites) are the same social engineers who promoted "racial equality" and "multiculturalism" (we don't hear that buzz word any more) in the eighties and nineties and now want to stir up trouble between black, white and everyone else. Disorder and chaos is all part of the plan to dissolve society and reconstruct it in their image from the ruins.

  7. My opinion, it's part of human nature to single out differences in others and use those to treat each other differently. It takes something of a conscious effort to be nice to people that have differences. That's why kids are particularly cruel. They're closer to those "base" instincts.

    While I appreciate what Mr. Barnes says, and agree with him for the most part. I think it's less about racial difference and more about, just a difference. I've been treated poorly due to things out of my control, simply because I didn't fit in with the others. This idea that if a person is white, they can't experience racism is simply false. I've certainly experienced it, at different times, in different places, under different circumstances. I've been denied employment simply because I was white. I've been denied service, been in danger, and been attacked, simply because of the color of my skin. The one thing about racism, is it is open to all races, and can be experienced by all.
    To have someone accuse me of not understanding what it's like to be judged for things beyond my control, well they instantly close my ears to the rest of their debate. We'd do better to acknowledge that as individuals, we all have our struggles, and not allow those struggles to negatively impact our lives, or how we treat each other.

  8. i think there is one part of this whole big picture that stands out. the fact that this man, who is black, went through a time, where most other black people were living in squalor, instead this man was living in royalty from being in an elitist position. This black man was getting royalties for his entire life, from being in a family that was in a powerful and elitist position. This highlights the exploits that the elite have been surrounded by, not to put one on Barnes, here. It is just an observation. Moreover, there is no real way to "give back" to the people, so to speak… no avenue to dump the money down in order to urge progressive expansion.

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