It’s COLLAPSING in Ukraine & They’re ADMITTING It | The Dive with Jackson Hinkle

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It’s COLLAPSING in Ukraine, & They’re ADMITTING It | The Dive with Jackson Hinkle

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  1. You must not forget all the disguised US companies in Ukraine that cost a lot of money, and it is not free to have in Ukraine. May chemical weapons be mentioned? broadsword to danny boy.over..From Sweden …

  2. The lesson to take from the Bernie Sanders disappointment is not to never put your hopes in anyone ever again.
    Instead, the lesson to take is that if/when that figure fails you and caves in…
    …then you don't humiliate yourself on top by DOING AS THEY TELL YOU! (e.g., telling you to vote Biden)

  3. "Dore — Paul 2O24"
    lol wut? 😅
    You DO realize Jimmy Dore and Rand Paul are on opposite ends of the political spectrum when it comes to most domestic policy issues, right?

  4. Jackson, Washington DID have a plan. This plan has been in full play since 2014. It just happened to be a crappy plan, and it failed. NOW they don't have a plan.

  5. Why???
    Because woke-leftist priorities! that is why.
    Election is coming soon (this November, then in 2024), and Biden and his democrats to stay in office, they need to "extend" the voting rights on Uranian cemeteries!

  6. If it is "only tactical gains", than why worry in Washington???
    All seems to be good, if it is "only tactical gains". Then we shouldn't even bother talking about it. Right?
    Top policy officials should spend their valuable time in a more productive ways, such as: improving the economy, improving the lives of Americans, securing the border, etc.

  7. "defending democracy in Ukraine"? ! LOL
    When was Ukraine "Democratic" ever???
    The corruption in Ukraine is on the level of black-Africa!!! Biden doesn't have a clue what he is talking about! he is clearly delusional and senile.

  8. No one cares in Washington about how many more Ukrainians going to die, as long as those Washington "top policy makers" can extend the war, that helps them to profit on the stocks they purchased up from the war-industry.

  9. .
    I think Biden's statements are planned by his handlers to create an impact and atmosphere, while at the same time they can be walked back to evade responsibility for their war mongering effects.

  10. Russia victory is matter of time. Especially when they fight on their own territories. Everyone who believed Ukr can win this war is naive or ignorant or both.
    The main question is on what price they gonna win and what will be the consequences for the regime in Kiev and their supporters in this fitlhy civil war.

  11. Billions getting inside Zelensky's personal account. By the time Ukraine falls, Zelensky is already overseas… maybe in his summer mansion and enjoying his billions of dollars that your stupid government has given. A true 'victory', eh? 🤣🤣

    Meanwhile, Putin will enjoy huge popularity among his cotizens after winning the war against Nazism.

  12. Super appreciative of your efforts to keep some alternative to MSM bs. But I think you should check your history. This behavior is really not that bizarre for the power elite. The last 40 years are replete with equally disgusting, though usually less publicized, examples, regardless of which of the two capitalist parties are in power.

  13. One of the most depressing parts about the pentagon saying we’ll be arming them for 20+ years is how much insane propaganda we’re going to have to wade through. There were millions against the Iraq war but it’s the opposite now. Fucking everyone is brainwashed into being so gay for Elensky

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