‘It’s completely absurd,’ TrentU students respond to testing and vaccine requirements

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Trent University has instituted a set of rules, and while students are required to have two COVID -19 shots to live on-campus, they also have to take a COVID test upon arrival.

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  1. He says … "Might as well, they're giving it to us free" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With the total lack of critical thinking by our young people, the future of our country is in deep, deep, deep, deep trouble.

  2. It's just about optics at this point, the university wants to let the customers—that is, the parents—know their children are "safe" in residence, so that they can "safely" be exposed to non-stop Critical Theory and Woke ideology telling them that the society their parents represent is evil.

  3. Screw Trent University! Absolutely disgusting, so many other schools to choose from! It is my sincere hope that the entire student body demands a full refund, and walks, they would be better off!

  4. The massive rise in SADS and the massive drop on pregnancy rates in the last year around the world has me very concerned. Something the main stream media is failing to report.
    While we all know that correlation does not mean causation, to totally disregard it is absolute foolishness. I hear the government and these Universities basically saying, we do not want it to be true, so we will pretend it is not possible.
    I wonder who in these Universities pushing these mandates is profiting from them. We know Herr Trudulf is profiting.

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