Its Complicated: Financial System Climate Change Risk!

Jonathan Kearns RBA Head of Domestic Markets spoke at the Credit Law Conference ‘Managing Financial Services Risks in an Age of Uncertainty’ – titled Climate Change Risk in the Financial System.

He says climate change can have a significant impact on the structure of the economy, and the pricing and return on assets. This means climate change has implications for the efficiency and stability of the financial system. As such, it is critical for central banks and financial regulators to carefully analyse and respond to climate-related risks.

In Australia, the Council of Financial Regulator agencies work closely with each other, international peers and financial institutions to improve the quality and consistency of the information available for managing the financial risks associated with climate change. These are complex issues and our understanding of how best to respond will evolve over time. But it is critical that financial market participants and regulators act now to best manage the financial risks and facilitate the associated opportunities.

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  1. Climate change is real, it is here, there is nothing we can do about it…except perhaps use it as a pretext for greater restrictions on the plebs and quite possibly make a squillion smackers in the process.

  2. Johnathan Kearns previously worked for the Bank of International Settlements. Who is he working for now? RBA can't even tell the difference transitory and embedded inflation from global money supply hyperinflation, the area of their expertise, now they are experts on the weather.

  3. Here I am in tropical qld near bloody freezing in the coldest winter I can remember and last summer didn’t even warm the water enough for swimming.yes im old but my memory tells me that climate change is natural and global warming isn’t Europe im reading that there in a big drought and the rivers haven’t been this low since 2018 …seriously wake the fuc up people it’s a con .

  4. It is suicide. Just look over seas and what is obvious is that people are literally going to die because of it. All because of climate freezing – oh sorry, ozone layer disappearing – ahhh opps, acid rain – oh sorry yet again, its global warming – oh sorry, they have never predicted anything wright so now they call it climate change to blame any type of weather.
    Obama must of been right when he recently bought a multi-million dollar house near the beach. Same as all those people who push this climate agenda. They all have mansions homes near the beach. I even lived on a sand Island for over 30years and the sea level never rose higher than it always has. That is by definition the best way scientists get their results. By factual observation. This is climate change ideology is bat crazy.

  5. Climate change hysteria reminds me of Y2K hysteria. Except the con being run is trying to convince the average person their contribution to the environment is far worse than big business, government & industrial pollution.

  6. Hahaha really pay attention to buzz words like "climate change." Believe it or not the climate is always changing. Without change it dies. Financial system should be at risk due to climate change. The fiat system (unlimited) is not in line with mother nature (limited).

  7. As boomers retire and flush out if our institutions, we will finally take CC seriously and act. The general public is beginning to wake up from the fog of confusion put on them by big interests (I always chuckle at how climate deniers don't realise just how well they're being played by the very people they rail against!) As fires, floods, and droughts all follow the patterns scientists have modelled previously. But is it all too little too late? Stabilising climate will require global cooperation and action, and leadership by those countries that have been extractive in their relationships with their territories. I don't hold much hope but what other cause – individually or collectively – is more worthy. We only have one planet.

  8. If Buffet sinks billions into oil, coal and LNG whats that say about all these BS predictions. I saw a leading scientist who spent his entire life monitoring CC and said ice caps had increased by 80sqKm in the past year and temps are actually down by 1c not what is being reported by wannabe scientists who have invested in this next bull rush. Besides do you think China, India, Africa, Russia and the USA will reduce emmisions? NO!

  9. The same people who lied and told you that multiple experimental injections would stop infections and transmission are now lying to you about global warming and fossil fuels. Ice core samples prove the Co2 story is a scam and the hoodwinked Australian sheeple are going to suffer dreadfully – if they survive the experimental injections ticking inside of them

  10. Complicated yes …
    The vid @17:21 shows cooling towers and the water vapor coming out holds 'Waste Heat' that is at least 55% of the fuel heat input of the Power Station.
    It does not matter what fuel is used 'Waste Heat' is the same in a steam cycle. Nuclear energy used as fuel does not solve this problem.
    The more base load steam cycle electrical energy we create the more heat we waste.
    Hydro power and pump storage of renewable wind and solar do solve the problem once the dams, tunnels and turbines are built at great cost.

    Instead of building Hydro we have built cheap Gas turbine Power Plants as peak load providers. 'Waste Heat' is even higher at 60%.
    Gas prices have risen x3 and all profit goes abroad … and we pay higher electricity bills.

  11. BS….just like 'green house effect, hole in the ozone layer, aids, viruses, water levels rising'…..all BS and propagated via the media for the dopes to believe.

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