It’s CRUMBLING faster than they thought it would | Redacted with Clayton Morris

Inflation hit a new record as Biden continues to blame Putin for the price hike. Ukrainian president Zelensky is begging for more weapons as defeat looks all but certain. And Scott Ritter says the U.S. is planning to use Ukraine as a drone testing ground to attack Russians.

Scott Ritter joins on today’s show. Ritter is s former U.N. Weapons Inspector who told the world that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Pre-order his new book right here:

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  1. i can tell you biden thinks we can not add and subtract, let me see gas 2.10 a gallon when he took office now 5,00 a gallon that adds up 150% inflation just on gas, but they keep telling you 8% whf

  2. If people ask "how stupid does people think we are?" Then you deserve this shite show. You should be fed up w/all his dig crap and make him pay for all the crap they're pissing on Americans. Get rid of him and all his cronies, especially Camala Harris (I don't care if I don't spell her name the way she likes it).

  3. That was really interesting to watch.
    Guys how about to announce your guest next time at least 6 hours before show and gather some questions. That may be an interesting thing to do, because sometimes your audience can come up with something you didn't even think about, but surprisingly it's very interesting and/or even impirtant.

  4. Natalie, that little speach at the end really hit home for me. Thank you, and your dresses are always nice. Looking great Clayton and Family. Great show. Glad your well David!

  5. The idea of the current administration is not paying attention is ludricrous. They know. They just don't give a toss. Their actions are COMPLETELY IN LINE with the WEF agenda.

    They know. It's 100% intentional.

  6. Thank you to the team at Redacted for having Scott Ritter to offer his thoughts on the urgent issues of our time. I am so glad we are all having a conversation and are not cowering to fear of retaliation for speaking up.

  7. Ukraine is asking for essentially the entire artillery stockpile of the United States, meanwhile China is preparing for war. And unlike Russia they have a massive surplus of fighting aged men. If the west empties there stockpile to aid Ukraine and possibly turn the tide I think China will see that and make there move. With Russia suppling raw materials and fuel it will be a two for one special of defeat for the west.

  8. Nazi stands for National Socialist workers party. Nazi's are socialists. They're not right wing. They are left wing. And Scott is an expert? He must have cut history class on the day they taught that.

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