Its Edwin’s Monday Evening Property Rant

The latest from our property insider Edwin Almeida, as we at the latest from the markets, listings and from China. Things are getting interesting….

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  1. You would have missed it, because you were doing your normal Monday evening property rant, but you should catch up with 7:30 Report's weak as pi$$ story on Bank closures in rural and regional Australia.
    Fu#king pathetic!
    And the ABC journalist who ran the story just let Anna Bligh lie through her back teeth!

  2. Ah the bad landlord that don't do anything! man this is getting old as a investment property owner I'm getting sick of this it's not a cash cow as people think lots of hard work you guys aren't giving a balance view.

  3. Why do "ANZAC" destroy rented houses? You know it's a problem when these guys are saying, as matter of fact, "Watch out when you buy rented accommodation". What's in the "culture" that they destroy property? Why has the need for quarterly inspections arose? You can tell alot about a "culture" by how they build and what they do with their houses.

    Also, why are you always needing "Skilled" workers? Oh wait, I live here and have met the average ANZAC.

    Both places are the 2nd World… "There's a hole in the roof. Ah sure, just have another drink. It'll be alright."

  4. Edwin should have revisited those properties he showed quite a while ago, that where apartment buildings that were falling apart, and was going to cost tens of thousands of dollars to rectify.

  5. what abo9ut the latest stats showing excess non covid deaths is 18% and climbing each day. How is this going to affect house prices? i feel big losses ahead. this will get so big that Edwin's cats will not be able to ignore this massive looming problem for much longer.

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